if you cut a big tree with a cross cut the stumps going to be three feet tall leaving the best gunstock wood from the butt swell on the stump . a couple of the gunsmiths I know use walnut blanks that have aged for at least 5 years (i'm told if there is too much moisture in the wood it warps). Veneer log - a high-quality log of a desirable species suitable for conversion to veneer. The next thing that I would do is talk to some loggers to find out who they sell their veneer logs to and get some current prices for walnut logs delivered to the log yard. The first thing that I would do in your situation is more research. The diameter of the cut surface at the top of the stump is 29 in. Defects—Hollow or dote is a serious defect as such defects occur at the base and it is this part of the veneer that must be matched. I don't know anything about using stumps for gunstocks....but the best gunstocks come from English or French walnut, more stable and considered better looking, so it seems that would be where the demand for gunstocks would be. It has five roots that are 12 to 18 inches in diameter. Walnut Trees Uses Highest-quality walnut tree lumber is used in veneers of doors, furniture, cabinets and wall panels. Its just like the burl market. I am undecided as too how to best use the stump. These two species bring the highest prices in the local market. A walnut tree is a baby at 40 years old and is obviously a short, branchy yard tree with not much of a log if there are branches 5′ from the ground. You might be disappointed in what you can get for your logs at a sawmill. I deal with a fare amount of walnut . Stumpage price - the price paid for standing forest trees. To bad there wasn't a market for white pine stumps, I've made a bunch of them since last October.lol. Bottom line: you seem to have some idea of the number of dollars that it will take for you to part with your walnut trees. if you know some Asin ginseng buyers you could get hooked up maby. WHITE ASH 8′ 6″, 12’6″, … Can you add any good quality hard maple or cherry trees to your sale? Assume 1" of diameter decrease per 8' of tree height and convert the small end of the log to diameter in inches (twice the radius) using: circumference=6.28 x radius. B. Knowing this you can use the log volume calculator on this website to calculate the number of board feet in the log. Demand for high quality walnut is not decreasing. Maybe someone knows more. The radius = 60"/6.28 or 9.55" so the small end diameter is about 19". I deal with a fare amount of walnut . Stumpage - the value of standing trees in a forest. Currently the highest value species are walnut, hard maple and cherry. EX: assume that your 62" DBH tree is 60" at 16' above the ground. If you do decide to sell the trees and you do not have a lot of experience in timber felling it would be worth hiring a professional faller to do the work. if you would like a phone number pm me. I worked for an old man that told me when he was young world war II started men came and cut the walnut off their farm and all the neighbors around .they cut by hand with crosscuts and axes . Standing trees may also be damaged and their future value greatly reduced or even completely lost. I don't think stumps cut off at the ground would have any value. Here in Virginia walnut was going for mixed hardwood prices the last time I checked. (Sawing and Drying Forum) The black walnut is 7ft around at chest height & the English is 8ft around at chest height and they are both about 10ft from the ground to the first knot or limb & are probably about 50ft high. Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.1. I have yet to find a legitimate company (with good money ) that deals in stumps from east of the great plains . If you can locate some potential buyers ask them how many board feet of walnut it would take for them to come to your property and give you bids on the felled and yarded trees. January 11, 2007, KnowledgeBase: Primary Processing: Sawmilling. Stumps without figure even if large make veneer of low value. That said, I've heard stories of some very high value for large prime walnut logs so it would certainly be worth checking further. Black walnut is one of these trees. It is so valuable in fact, forestry officials are often called in to track down black walnut poachers. SAW LOG PRICES. so you know how hard it is to find that much burl. B. Bigfoot OP trapper Bigfoot OP trapper. I think that's where the story comes from . I live in PA and would consider selling them if they would bring a significant amount. It takes management to get to the high-value walnut lumber. I also read somewhere that there is more than 100 year supply of blanks already produced when considering the needs of the custom market. Since there is no market for walnut in the area (too few trees available), offering the same price as the saw logs that are commanding the highest price is more than fair.