There is usually iteration between the development of the Project management schedule and the Human resource plan as “reality” is applied during development of the Human resource plan during the different phases of the project. • Project Management Plan Updates. The process of planning can be complex, time-consuming, and guided by external … Estimating by Type of Resource People and travel drive the majority of the project expenses 28 ... Assumptions, risks, and external environment play a role in resource planning and budgeting, potentially impacting total costs 32 Resource Planning … PRP plans and re-plans … The Resource Planning Process Resource development planning implies a deliberate process to prepare for the future. The Human resource plan uses the requirement for human resources to develop a plan for staff acquisition. e ective project management, the IECEU project quality plan 19 de ned three data categories in terms of how the data wi be co ected: 19 IECEU project (2015). Advanced Service Planning Project Resource Planning (PRP) provides a sophisticated set of planning tools for material-based, service-only, and service-plus-material projects.