Apply more lubricant if required and wipe any excess. Aesthetically it is nice looking, but the blade bites like crazy. Using the fingernail nick, pull the blade out with your forefinger. I got a No. 2. Get the best experience and visit This one works best when the joints are becoming looser. The wooden handle on your OPINEL can expand and make it difficult to open the blade. An ideal collection for maintaining and caring your garden. But before moving on, there are other ways to turn these knives into tactical folders. Over time, the Opinel folding knife has been adopted in the entire world and is now recognised as a design icon. In fact I got cut several times as I attempt to do those one handed opening feats. Made by Antonini, this lovely folder has nice oil treated handle and a mix of copper and steel made it appealing to the eye. I saw some guys do this, and it is possible even if the knife is not lubricated. Adjust your grip then. To commemorate a sporting or historic event, to highlight a precious wood or a particular method of production, Opinel regularly produces limited-edition knife collections. So I fixed it! Kwik thumb studs could be screwed to any traditional folders, turning them into tactical folders. Aug 17, 2013 #1. This right hand, known as a hand raised in blessing, with three fingers straight and two fingers folded, figures on the coat of arms of the town of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne. Apply more lubricant if required and wipe any excess. Full forged, these three exceptional knives are a must-have in your kitchen. This scared a lot of my co-workers as they thought I’m prepping for a knife fight: 2. The Opinel children's knife comprises a blade with a rounded end, offeringing greater safety for the young. There is already a way of doing it, as what you will find below. But why wait if you can just oil the joints. Tap the end of the handle on a hard surface. Now push the handle against your hip or pocket to fully open the knife. The box contains a finger guard, a peeler and a rounded chef's knife with a training loop to help proper positioning of the fingers and to prevent the hand slipping onto the blade. The Opinel Kitchen Knives have a high cutting quality and are comfortable in the hand. Because of the design of the Old Bear, where more blade is exposed when closed, you might find this easier to use on Antonini folders. And this method becomes ineffective when the wooden handle becomes wet. Offering extremely practical features, you'll find multiple uses for our multifunction pocket knives every day. Just refer to the video below (from my Youtube channel): 2. It won’t be as fast as any tactical folder, but it is quick enough to be deployed out of the pocket. On impact, the blade is released and opens easily. Shop with confidence and select next working day delivery to receive your Opinel knife as soon as possible. Why is my Opinel folding knife sometime difficult to open? Tap sharply on a hard surface (a table for example, but avoid fragile surfaces which could be damaged). Flying Dutchman 200,460 views. the Opineltable knife and steak knife ranges guarantee the perfect cut when dining. I love the carbon steel. But would it be great if there is a way to open it with one hand? Then last Christmas an interesting peasant’s knife caught my eyes going by the name Old Bear. I’m not sure if it is simply bigger or the joints are looser. A mythical object handed down from generation to generation. If you put the qwik stud straight on the knife doesn't close. However, there is a trick to open it with one hand. Again it is easier to apply these moves on the Old Bear knife. Then there are these clever devices known as removable thumb studs. Its razor sharp blade made it a performer much like the Opinel. Hold the knife by its handle: The rotating lock is positioned in the palm of your hand, the groove is facing downwards and should not be covered by your fingers.