Many screech owls begin nesting in March and April, so install a nesting spot ahead of time. Basic dimensions for an eastern screech owl nest box are: Floor - 8" x 8" Depth - 12-15" Entrance Height above floor - 9-12" Entrance diameter - 3" Nest boxes can be attached to a tree, a building such as a barn, or a post away from intense human activity. According to American Fruit Grower, a family of barn owls will scarf down an amazing several thousand rodents during a nesting season — with the young eating two to four rodents a night! Find out more about Barn Owl nest boxes in the. A worker placed the owl into a box along with some branches from the tree., Conserving the Barn Owl and its Environment. Both the Pole Model and the Barn Model Barn Owl Boxes have been made simple to assemble and to erect. Find out what’s needed in a Barn Owl Home range? Place the box in a place where you won't mind owl pellets (regurgitated fur and bones from prey) or whitewash (poop) falling on the ground. Cedar is the most commonly used material, though pine and engineered wood are also used in some models and plans. Place the box 10 to 15 feet up in a tree. Avoid areas where pesticides and herbicides are used. Take the time to install your owl box appropriately. Barn owls are gorgeous, but generally hard for the average homeowner to attract. The old adage “you get what you pay for” does. Screech owl boxes should be approximately 16 inches tall and 8 inches square, with a 3- to 4-inch entrance hole. Your property may already harbor owls without you even knowing it. So how to get owls to take up residence on your property? Here's what they sound like: Bancroft says that often if you call to them at night, they'll answer you or even fly in for a look. They should face into an … Still, it's important to learn about them because barn owl populations have plummeted over the last 40 years — partially due to development and habitat loss but also their low-flying hunting tactics cause many to be struck by cars. Build a bat box Give these night-time creatures somewhere safe to roost, raise their pups and sleep during the day. Additionally, nesting birds and their dependent young must not be disturbed. Barn owls want homes that are cozy, warm and safe. interior divider: 17” x 17” & 5” (Most of the interior divider spans from top to bottom, but about ¼ of it drops to 5” high so that babies can’t cross from one side to the other, but a grown owl can.) Some people use fallen, dried pine needles or leaves instead. One barn owl can cover an area of over a mile and will eat between three and six mice each night, approximately 2,000 mice yearly. That's simply not true, particularly when we're talking about certain species of owls, says Tom Bancroft, PhD, chief scientist at the National Audubon Society. Nest boxes for screech owls can be made or purchased, but should be constructed of a non-toxic, durable material. Place the box 10 to 15 feet up in a tree. European starlings are known to take over screech owl boxes before the owls move in, so it's important to monitor your box. People spend millions of dollars on houses, feeders, and seed for backyard birds every year, hoping to draw in a wide variety of feathered friends to watch and enjoy through the seasons. Many farmers and backyard birders welcome barn owls because these birds are efficient hunters that prey almost exclusively on small rodents such as mice, voles, rats, shrews, and gophers. Some people also play owl call tapes or CDs to see if a feathered friend will answer back. You are not dependent on there being a suitable building or tree on-site. In both cases the bottom of the access holes should be located in such a position that the baby birds cannot fall out of the box. Little ones love owlets  Orchard and vineyard operators have long appreciated owls because they don't have to add them to the payroll in exchange for all of the birds' hard work. Children love pellets Owls typically nest 10 to 20 feet high, so try hanging the nesting box where the entrance hole will be about 10 feet off the ground. Mounting an owl box on the outside of a building has many disadvantages and is not recommended unless there is no alternative.