It’s a tabletop telescope that is designed to be placed on a flat surface like that of a table for observation. Is it a good quality Telescope? For this reason, you must consider the Zhumell Z100 telescope. You may be able to purchase a smartphone adapter and try out lunar photos with your point-and-shoot (smartphone) device, but it would only be sufficient for amateur photography and not professional use. f/4 is, It requires precise collimation and the smallest misalignment will cause the image to go bad. To take advantage of achieving more power, you may want to buy a higher power eyepiece of 2x Barlow. Now, you can get Zhumell’s unmatched quality and value in a portable tabletop Dobsonian with the compact Z100. It is at the level of 300$ Dobsonain’s, which is quite a bit of value considering the price. Zhumell Z100’s optics are very exposed and leaving it with its optics wide open will cause them to get dusty. With a weight rating of 25 pounds, this tripod ensures firm support for astronomical viewing. It also has a handle built-in which is a, not much to say here. Not a huge deal for visual purposes, and thanks to the alt-azimuth mount, you can center the object for better viewing. Regardless, the Dob-like features it does have work extremely well for its price point. Zhumell Z100 is not the most passionate starter telescope. There is really not much to say here. Page 1 of 16 - Zhumell Z100 100mm f/4 Newtonian - posted in Reflectors: It survived the long journey from China to my neck o the woods; not a major dent or a tear at all on the box anywhere... UPS sure did take its sweet time in delivering this. Unfortunately, the compromise is the fixed, static primary parabolic mirror cell. It’s not compatible for astrophotography just as Dobsonians in general are not designed for astrophotography. There is a 17mm Kellner that will provide 24x magnification and a 10mm Kellner that will provide 40x magnification. The mount is rock solid and well-made. The tube attaches to the mount via a plastic Vixen dovetail saddle. It also has a collimatable primary mirror, incorporates adjustable tube rings in the mount, and is closer in focal specs to a 5” Dobsonian. These are qualities you rarely find around the 100$ price range. Talk about portability to the max, right? The included lens cap is useful. They are. You can get far more “scope” for the money, it’s extremely lightweight, and it’s perfectly suited to grab-and-go observation and travel. However, they work adequately with this telescope with no aberrations and coma. As we’ve said before this is great for beginners since they are incredibly simple and solid. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a powerhouse in any way. But I am concerned about how I'm going to place it, because it seems quite heavy and big and I don't have like a spare table to set outside. Overall build quality, a parabolic primary mirror and decent accessories are not easy to find around the 100$ range. But, there must be compromise for such a low price, right? The Zhumell Z100 telescope is an excellent and highly-recommended buy for the first-time buyer on a strict budget under $100. At this price range you won’t find anything else. Additionally, due to its tabletop and lightweight design, it’s extremely lightweight and ready for travel. While it does have a smaller aperture compared to other Dobsonians, and so it can’t handle extreme high power very well, it still offers excellent DSO (Deep Sky Objects) observation thanks to its 100 mm aperture. While it does weigh 11 lbs, approximately 5 lbs more than the Z100, it cannot be mounted to be a tripod like the Z100 can. Zhumell 8x42 Short Barrel Waterproof Binoculars It is compatible with most of the tripods in the market. It will definitely give you some opinion about what a good telescope can do. They are made of metal and glass and will last you long years to come. They will provide detailed and sharp images. As long as you have some stable surface to put the telescope on, you will be. Thanks to the wide-field view, even though red dot finder is not top-notch, it will be very easy to find the celestial you want to observe. The included lens cap is useful. There is a 17mm Kellner that will provide 24x magnification and a 10mm Kellner that will provide 40x magnification. It is made of plastic.