whatever happened to banana fudgesicles? Reply. I know what happened to the best Banana Fudsicle ever. Our most popular flavors are available in stores throughout the year. Due to an unexpected increase in demand, you may not be able to find some of your favorite flavors in stores at this time. The sugary, fatty, yummy, real ones 0. This buy out include the recipes and the Banana Fudsicle was part of that buy out. Pistol ammo was all gone. Just in time for the absolute hottest time of the year, Blue Bell announced that it is bringing back its well-loved fudge bars. That happened last week. This 18-count box is great to have on hand for a quick snack and celebrations. Which makes sense because Popsicle makes Fudgesicles. It was made by Wards Ice Cream based Fort Smith, Arkansas. The company burned (many years ago) and it was decided not to rebuild but accept a buy out offer from another ice cream company. Sure enough when I came back at the time he said the next day, there was a lot of pistol ammo. What happened to the Fudgesicles we used to have as kids? All I've been able to find lately are Sugar-free Fudgesicles, no sugar added, fat-free, or 100 calories. they were my favorite frozen treat(and my mums too), but lately i havent been able to find em in the … Some .22 few.45. Satisfy your sweet tooth guilt free by enjoying Healthy Choice® Fudge Bars. For all those born after the year 1994, that means they were a bit flatter than the traditional pudding pop shape. Just two weeks ago, Dean Foods Company said it reached an ‘agreement in principle’ with Industrial Realty Group, LLC. However, Dean Foods said Industrial Realty ‘terminated’ the deal. Maggie's farm 4 months ago Local rural king farm store, biggest gun dealer around, zero 9mm .40 s&w .308,.556,.223 on and on. I am sure it did not last long. 0. Good news!