Best thing to do is put them back and wait for the mother to call them to her. It also describes the killdeer's broken-wing display and tells you how to find baby killdeer in the summertime.--Diane Porter Killdeer Charadrius vociferous are ground-nesting birds that are famous for hiding their nests right out in the open with no nesting materials. We watched the parents take care of the eggs for almost a month. They normally feed on insects. They normally feed on insects. Q: How do I get more info on killdeer? A killdeer is a relatively small bird and is unlikely to eat a frog - unless it was a very small one. A killdeer is a relatively small bird and is unlikely to eat a frog - unless it was a very small one. They have also been observed hunting frogs and eating small, dead fish. The Precocious Killdeer tells how the baby killdeer "come out running" when they hatch. Most foraging is done in mudflats, along shores and in agricultural fields. Is there anything I can give them to feed the babies? Adults and juveniles look the same year round, but young, downy chicks have a single breast band. What do they eat? The Killdeer is the largest of the ringed plovers, and the only plover in its range with a double breast band. However, they eat plant parts like berries and weed seeds too. I have baby Killdeer in my yard. They eat mostly bugs such as beetles, worms, slugs, ants, flies, etc. The sexes generally look similar in adult plumage, and there is little seasonal change. Killdeers have brown upperparts, white underparts, and orange rumps. Killdeer mostly feed on insects, such as beetles, grasshoppers and caterpillars; insect larvae; as well as spiders, earthworms, centipedes, snails, crayfish, weed seeds and berries. They eat a few weed seeds, but these make up only about 2% of the killdeer diet. In flight, the Killdeer's long, slender wings have conspicuous white wing stripes. Bette J. Jackson and Jerome A. Jackson Version: 1.0 — Published March 4, 2020 Text last updated January 1, 2000 The parents are scrabbling around in the grass. they will also eat small fish. Killdeer are mostly carnivores, insectivores in fact. The killdeer is the largest of the “ringed” plovers and looks long-tailed.