cost-effective pricing. In this section, you'll learn how to create a webinar presentation using webinar design best practices: Knowing your audience will help you know which webinar design template to choose. Collaborate. Since your audience will be viewing it online, make sure that it looks good on a computer screen. 4 Best Webinar Practices for Marketing and Promotion in 2020. According to, 73% of marketing and sales leaders say webinars are one of the best ways to generate quality leads. 11 Tips to Make Your Next Webinar Run Smoothly. The look of your webinar template is important. It also needs to raise their awareness about your offer and position you as the expert, which will help build trust with the audience. Or, check out these articles and tutorials below: Creating a webinar might seem daunting but when you take the time to understand whether hosting a webinar is the right strategy for your business as well as to learn the best practices for webinars, you'll see that it's not so difficult. Use your branding assets throughout the template to start building brand recognition—this includes your colors, fonts, logo, patterns, and other brand elements. This will improve your audience’s user experience and leave them with a positive impression of your brand. During the planning process, be sure to leave plenty of time for the attendees to ask questions without feeling rushed. Join ON24 for the unveiling of the “ Webinar Benchmarks for 2020,” where you will learn best practices across the entire webinar life-cycle, based on benchmarks from over 20,000 events over the past year, including: Best days and times to promote & run webinars Most popular interactive tools Registrant to attendee conversion stats When your theme and theme colors are coordinated it'll make your webinar look more professional. problem and can provide them with an immediate solution or an You don’t need to have an elaborate plan. The format will be dictated not only by your audience's preferences but also by the complexity of your topic. Can When it comes to creating your slide deck, it's best to use a premade PowerPoint template. It also includes three color schemes. A webinar would be an excellent fit if you If that’s not feasible, consider putting your other devices in airplane mode, turn off any file-syncing services such as Dropbox, quit other browser tabs, email clients, and any other programs that use your Internet connection. Bizpark comes with a total of 12000 slides with 30 unique slides. After the webinar, it's crucial to survey your audience and get their feedback. That being said - and as with most benchmarks and KPIs - you should experiment and see what works for YOU. Send out the webinar replay, slides, downloadable PDFs, or any other additional materials within 24 hours after the webinar. Create a Dedicated Webinar Landing Page for Registrations Editorial Note: This post was originally published in October 2018. niche? Presented by Andrew Pipe CM, BA, MD January 23, 2020. This will ensure they’re paying attention and they’re actively engaged in what you’re saying. Unfortunately, many business owners and marketers dive first into webinar production before taking the time to understand whether creating a webinar is right for them. A webinar presentation should be easy to read. Lastly, don't forget to do a test run prior to your webinar to ensure your equipment is working correctly and there are no issues with your Internet or webinar platform. You'll find tips and advice that'll help you come up with an interesting topic, create your slide deck, choose your speakers, and more. achieve a certain goal. Want to create a webinar but don't know where to start? If this is your first webinar or if you're on a budget, using a free platform like YouTube Live Streaming is a good way to get your feet wet. With Envato Elements you also get unlimited access to webinar templates, so you're free to change your mind. These features will let you add some illustrations to your webinar template. We use cookies to improve the services we offer you. Pozea has a colorful and minimal template design that'll add a little color to your webinar. This leads to webinars that offer no value to the audience and leaves the business with an email list full of subscribers that isn't the right fit for their services or products. + 1 ... One key finding from ClickMeeting’s 2020 State of Webinars Report is that Tuesday is the best day to host a webinar. It comes in both 16:9 and 4:3 sizes. This webinar template has both a light and dark version. This will help you remember all the key points you need to cover and keep you on the topic as well as make it easier to keep track of time. If your webinar has a Q&A where you answer common questions, you'll want to include that in your webinar presentation. FAQ section or questions asked by your existing clients, Replies, comments, and questions by your social media followers or the comments section on your blog, Facebook or LinkedIn groups in your industry, Google Analytics and your most visited pages/blog posts. Here's our guide to webinar hosting and the list of best practices for webinars in 2020! Lead discussions. Fonts should readable. Another approach would be to anticipate some commonly asked questions and create a slide to address each question. Brenda Barron is an instructor for Tuts+. you when the time comes for you to make your sales pitch. Webinars Drive Sales. You never want to just be talking at your audience. Your automation should include a confirmation email and your promotional campaigns should be able to tell you which one of your social media or other marketing channels is driving the most registrations. You can choose between a single-presenter format, a Q&A interview with a guest expert, or a presentation with several panelists and a moderator. plan to offer a thorough explanation of a new concept in your industry. To maximize the number of people who attend, you’ll want to promote your webinar on as many online channels as you can. 4. Pozea also comes with device mockups and vector shapes. Make sure you’re following these steps to create an effective webinar that works in 2020. This includes: To learn more about how to promote your webinar, study this tutorial: Make sure to check any email automation or campaign tracking before the webinar to ensure everything works as intended.