There are a total of 55 characters with the cranky personality. Ankha, Eloise, Freya, and Judy are a few Snoooty personalities that players love to have on their islands. Jock characters also get along well with Normal characters. This will help in creating a diverse island with different attitudes to help keep you going throughout your daily Animal Crossing rituals! These villagers will disagree with Cranky villagers though because the Normal character will be put off by the Cranky villager’s rude, arrogant, and in general sour nature. His feet are black and he initially wears the Spade Shirt. From showing their butts all the time to not being the cutest, gorilla characters seem to be the least sought after. The yellow mouse finds himself towards the bottom of the wanted character list because of, well, his look. The Sisterly characters really hate the Smug personality trait because of how Smug characters will flirt with them. Everyone seems to want these villagers on their island, maybe because of their personality or maybe because they’re adorable. Either way, there are different reasons for players wanting these characters more than  any other. Bar none, Tammi is my personal least favorite. Cranky villagers include: Admiral, Agnus, Apollo, Avery, Boris, Boyd, Bruce, Butch, Buzz, Camofrog, Cesar, Chief, Chow, Croque, Curt, Cyd, Cyrano, Del, Dobie, Elvis, Fang, Frank, Gaston, Gonzo, Grizzly, Gruff, Hamphrey, Harry, Hopper, Ike, Kabuki, Knox, Limberg, Lobo, Monty, Murphy, Octavian, Peewee, Rasher, Ricky, Rizzo, Rocco, Rolf, Rooney, Roscoe, Spike, Static, Tom, T-Bone, Vladimir, Cic, Wart Jr., Walt, and Wolfgang. The  personality types are divided by gender. Full of sparkles and sunshine, Judy brings out the best of every island and she is giving Raymond a run for his money in popularity. Lazy villagers include: Al, Alfonso, Anchovy, Barold, Beau, Benedict, Benjamin, Big Top, Biskit, Bob, Bones, Boomer, Broccolo, Chester, Claude, Clay, Clyde, Cloe, Cranston, Cube, Deli, Derwin, Dizzy, Doc, Drago, Drake, Erik, Egbert, Elmer, Filbert, Hornsby, Hopkins, Hugh, Jacob, Jeremiah, Joey, Lucky, Marcel, Moe, Nate, Ozzie, Paolo, Papi, Prince, Puck, Pudge, Punchy, Raddle, Rex, Rodeo, Sherb, Simon, Spork, Stitches, Stu ,Tucker, Wade, Walker, Weber, and Zucker. He has expressive dark grey eyebrows. One of the original and most common personality types for characters is the Normal personality. Snooty villagers include: Alli, Amelia, Ankha, Annalise (Horse), Astrid, Baabara, Becky, Bitty, Blaire, Blanche, Bree, Broffina, Cashmere, Claudia, Cleo, Diana, Eloise, Ellie, Francine, Freya, Friga, Gloria, Gigi, Greta, Gwen, Judy, Julia, Kitty, Mathlida, Maella, Mallary, Mint, Miranda, Monique, Naomi, Olivia, Opal, Panchetti, Portia, Pecan, Soleil, Snooty, Purrl, Queenie, Robin, Tipper, Tiffany, Timbra, Tasha, Vivian, Violet, Velma, Whitney, Willow, and Yuka. Although most issues can be overlooked, Violet is one that cannot be ignored. This can be seen in how they will be more prone to talking about other villagers rather than themselves. All rights reserved. My smug boys love each other pt 1 #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch, — Sloane // GIVEAWAY PINNED (@cynnfulsloane) May 14, 2020. Cranky villagers do not often make the top lists of most wanted characters. Smug villagers include: Beardo, Chadder, Chops, Colton, Curlos, Ed, Eugene, Graham, Hans, Henry, Hippeux, Huck, Jacques, Julian, Keaton, Ken, Kidd, Klaus, Kyle, Leopold, Lionel, Lopez, Lucha, Marshal, O’Hare, Olaf, Pietro, Phil, Quillson, Raymond, Rodney, Shep, Tex, and Zell. It doesn’t help that Limberg also has the Cranky personality type. Jock island #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch, — Nox Rotlïch (@Nox_Rotlich) May 15, 2020. These characters’ interests include food and sitting around. Once you have managed to establish a relationship with a Sisterly character, they’ll start to give you tips on ways to relax and to fight. Lazy characters make up about 60 characters in the game, outpacing Cranky and Jock personality types in availability. Hopefully, you’ll remember which Sisterly character you started with! This makes them one of the easiest personalities to get along with Smug, Normal, Lazy, Sisterly, and Jock characters. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Although most of the popular and despised characters are subjective, there is a bit of a consensus as to which villager is the best and which are the worst. This trait is one of the biggest draws to her personality. They’ll also have different jokes, different furniture, and different DIYs for you to gather, so it’s important to have a diverse island. Their personalities and pettiness can come across to players poorly, but that doesn’t mean they’re not wanted. He has large eyes with black pupils that appear to stare off into space. There’s also about eight different personality types for every villager. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. Personally, Cranky villagers are my favorite. Bar none, Raymond is the most sought after character. But there are so many more Cranky villagers to look for. I have a certain soft spot for Punchy and have been searching high and low for a way to get my hands on him. His initial shirt is the Café Tee. The funniest part about this character is how often they’re willing to flirt with you. The same can be said for Merengue. They’re often lifting weights, talking about sports, and worried about their physical appearance. Lazy characters do not understand the Jock’s energy, and Snooty villagers can be outright offended when the Jock asks the Snooty villager about their fitness. Snooty villagers will often act prideful or dismissive toward you when you first meet, but don’t let that put you off! But since this is a very common personality type, there are other Lazy animals you can search for. These cranky villagers have deeper voices, droopy faces, and overall do not seem satisfied with anything when you first meet them. However, in order to have a well-rounded island, it is important you bring together different personality types to your island. One of the shortcomings of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the design of the ape characters. It’s easy to forget that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a plethora of characters. These characters will often offer to fight anyone that gives you trouble, give you medicine when you’re stung by bees, and in general show protective and caring tendencies toward you. This look is paired with a peppy personality, making her frightening to look at and always in your face. So many people are willing to pay for Raymond that there is even a theory that he has broken the Animal Crossing Black Market, with Island Representatives paying as much as 1 million bells or 400 Nook Miles Tickets just to get a chance at having this cat living with them. Characters such as Punchy, Lucky, Zucker, and Sherb make up some of the most popular Lazy villagers that players want. Jocks will also give you advice and try to get closer to you as a friend, which is a nice change of pace from the Cranky villagers. Jock characters tend to annoy the Lazy characters because of their high energy and constant need to do things. Normal villagers include: Alice, Annalisa (Anteater), Aurora, Ava, Bea, Bertha, Bettina, Cally, Caroline, Carrie, Celia, Chevre, Coco, Daisy, Deena, Dora, Ellie, Eunice, Fauna, Flurry, Gala, Gayle, Gladys, Goldie, Jambette, June, Kiki, Kitt, Lily, Lolly, Lucy, Maggie, Maple, Margie, Marcie, Marina, Megan, Melba, Merengue, Midge, Mitzi, Molly, Nan, Nana, Norma, Olive, Peaches, Pekoe, Poppy, Rhonda, Sally, Sandy, Savannah, Skye, Stella, Sydney, Sylvana, Tia, and Vesta. Learn about Wade the Penguin villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH)! His popularity may stem from his adorable nature, or perhaps even the rarity of his character. She wanted to cheer you on, which is phenomenal, but it was also frightening all at once. He is indifferent and insensitive towards you, making it hard to want to invite him to live on your island. Read on to learn Wade's birthday, personality, catchphrase, and more! Although they will talk to everyone on the island, Peppy characters tend to have a difficult relationship with Snooty and Cranky characters because of their negative attitude. This stylish gray and white cat has two different colored eyes, making him pretty unique to the game. These personality types make up only 35 characters, making them one of the rarest personalities to find. His stomach is white and his beak and feet are a yellow-orange color.