Your email is important and the recipient may want to find it one day in the future. Clear subject lines let recipients find information … Email subject lines with numbers are opened more often. 2-minute read . The math is quite simple: if the subject line is not attractive enough = the email won’t be opened. Make your subject line count. Drop a number, and then offer to give your contact help with some challenge and you’re likely to catch their attention. The same theory applies to your passive candidate emails. So, don’t let it get lost in the clutter. But how do you further improve your chances of getting a reply? If you sell your own products or products from other manufacturers, you may be trying to announce new products, new seasons or discounts and sales. You’ve wowed your customers. Avoid vague subject lines. The subject line is probably the most important part of the email marketing strategy since it’s the first thing the recipient will see, and that makes it a key success factor for a networking email.. This has a similar effect to using a super-vague message as your subject line. No, I’m not suggesting you use your best pick-up lines on potential candidates. Ask anyone who is part of the online dating world and they’ll tell you: When it comes to getting a response, your lead-in makes all the difference. How to [accomplish a task] Let’s say you’re offering customized meal plans. Start with a great InMail subject line… The rule: Your subject line should clearly reflect the content of the email. As a retailer, your email marketing is probably mostly aimed at selling. By . December 16, 2012. LinkedIn InMail has a 300% higher response rate than emails with the same content. If they’re familiar with who the email is coming from, you’ll have better luck getting your email opened with a catchy subject line. Don’t you just hate it when you get e-mails with subject lines that say, “You just HAVE to read this” or “Important” or “Here’s the file”? Stever Robbins Modern Mentor. Avoid sending e-mails with vague subject lines by following these tips from Get-It-Done Guy. Let’s face it, the subject line of the review request email determines whether your customers even open the email in the first place, and unless your customers hate you, they should want to hear from you!. And guess what? Your review request subject line plays the most important role in your review generation email outreach.