3. Back then, Bedouins included complex carbohydrates in their diet to get energy for long journeys across the desert. Hummus is served fresh and easily satiates ones’ hunger. Many ... With declining oil prices, the government has attempted to diversify the national economy. These religions primarily include Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism. The Awafi festival is an annual celebration of the culture and history of the union, mostly in the form of outdoor sports, making it one of the few traditional festivals of United Arab Emirates. Calligraphy is a famous traditional art here, that presents Arabic words as an aesthetic piece of art. Ahead of the Long Weekend, Here Are Some Fab Offbeat Places in India to Wander off To, Head Out for a Short Trip This Weekend to These Amazing Places Near Delhi, Plan your trip with experts and get best offers. 1. When it comes to contemporary literature, ‘Nabati poetry’, that traces lives and routines of people over the years, and ‘Spoken poetry’ are two of the most popular elements in the UAE. There are many art galleries and museums in this country that reflect the past as well as provide some insight into the future. Top 10 Stunning Countries for Your First International Trip, 20 Most Haunted Places In The World That Tells It's Own Eerie Real Ghost Stories, Read about the Heart-warming Story of Two Lovers Brought Together by Their Love for Travel, We Found the Best Homestays & Resorts for Workation in Goa for Your Work From Beach Dreams, Heard about Blind Date? It usually consists of fish, rice, meat, and a vegetable dish. Given below are significant components of the conventional dress of UAE for women. Cheap Shopping in Dubai - Get the Best of Dubai Shopping on Budget, International driving license in Dubai: Easy Way to Hit the Road in a Foreign Country, Cities in UAE You Must Visit When Visiting The Emirates, Food of Dubai - 15 Best Dishes in Dubai and Where to Find Them, Dreamland Aqua Park - Largest Water Park In Umm Al Quwain. The local architects utilize a diverse range of materials and survey the climatic conditions carefully to ensure that people get sufficient ventilation and privacy. The Laylat Al Henna or the Henna night is an important custom practised in Arab weddings. © Holidify Travels Pvt Ltd.- All Right Reserved. Many local women wear an abaya(black over-garment) and a headscarf. It is marked with their hands being decorated in beautiful henna designs by the henna artist. All these dances are usually transmitted from one generation to another usually by word of mouth. Facebook However, the UAE is tolerant of other religions and accords religious freedom to the expatriate population. Food and Economy. The style of dressing of the Emiratis is influenced by Islamic texts preaching modesty and conservativeness, and thus, men and women alike wear clothes that cover most parts of their body. It is deemed rude and disrespectful to refuse it as it is offered in a welcoming gesture. Held in summer every year, this festival is mostly famous for its various competitions to scale the tallest sand dunes in various kinds of improvised vehicles. 2. Traditional Emirati Food That Represents The culture of UAE. Falconry is another tradition in UAE that reflects the Bedouin culture of UAE, dating back to hundreds of years. 17 Best Museums in UAE - Enjoy A Slice of History! A steady handshake using the right hand, and a warm embrace between the same gender are also some common ways of greeting. As an alternative greeting, a brief nod with a hand placed on the heart and a smile is also often used. Emiratis follow distinct and peculiar ways of greeting each other; with men touching each other's nose in what is called as Emirati kiss, Khusmak. For instance, Arab coffee is served in Dallah - the Arabic coffee pot to guests in this country as a symbol of hospitality.