Serving God 29. Angels, Demons and Satan, 6. The text of the parable from the King James Version is included in each lesson (PDF file size: 463k). (Mobiles might need an app.). Outline of the book with questions for each section. Several charts and maps included (color cover; PDF file size: 328k). God’s Judgment, 11. Connecting with God 25. This series of free Bible studies is based on the Intermediate Edition. Major Pitfalls 39. Each section would usually require one or two study sessions to complete. Learn how Jesus fulfilled or completed Moses’ Law or Covenant. An overview of the books of Exodus and Leviticus, with a series of 20 questions for each of the 26 lessons in this free Bible class book (PDF file size: 145k). As part of LIVE IT WELL we will call people to deepen their commitment to follow Jesus through prayer, devotional life, financial commitment and by 22 pages (color cover; PDF file size: 660k). A beautiful love triangle that shows how true loves wins out over everything else. 3:5), his birth in Tarsus of Cilicia (Acts 21:39), and his education "at the feet of Gamaliel" (Acts 22:3). Bible Class Book On Ezra, by David Padfield. Zip file of whole series. 21 pages with a map and color photographs from Corinth (color cover; PDF file size: 820k). It not only provides wonderful insights into the life and ministry of Jesus with the stated purpose of generating belief in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God but also relates the reasons behind many of the activities of Jesus and His disciples. The challenge for us today in the study of the Divided Kingdom is to contemplate God’s dealings with peoples and nations. Bible Class Book On Ruth, by David Padfield. Several charts and maps included (color cover; PDF file size: 786k). Several charts and maps included (color cover; PDF file size: 352k). Loving, Fearing and Obeying God 24. What is the meaning of life? Includes the complete text of the New English Translation of these epistles, with questions for each section of the book (color cover; PDF file size: 1.2MB). Ecclesiastes: The Preacher, by Rob Harbison. _____ books in the whole Bible 30 DAYS TO UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE 12. 2), by Jeff Asher. Job: Patience In Sufferings, by Rob Harbison. Beginning with Rehoboam and continuing through the fall, destruction and captivity of Jerusalem, Goff provides a workbook that leads the student into a chronological study of the period helping him grasp not only the events and personalties involved but also the great spiritual principles conveyed by the prophets of this tumultuous era. Bible Class Book on Hebrews (The Superiority of Christ and His Covenant). Hard Times 40. 2:9 ESV. God’s Sovereignty 8. Includes the complete text of the New English Translation of the Colossian letter, with questions in each section of this free Bible class book. Bible Class Notes on Hosea, by Jeff Asher. It is very good for studies with newer or older-teenage believers. Bible Class Book On Ecclesiastes, by David Padfield. Bible Class Book On Second Samuel, by David Padfield. Bible Class Book On Numbers, by David Padfield. Standing Firm 37. It is for Christians wanting a firm grounding in their faith. An understanding of the epistles of John is vital if one is going to have the proper attitudes toward and understanding of God, others, and himself. This is an 18 lesson study on this New Testament book. Notes on Romans, by Jeff Asher. A Study Outline Of Revelation. Israel In The Wilderness, by Jeff Asher. Daniel was carried away to Babylon when he was just a teenager. A. A six to nine month study. The life, example and message of the prophet will be studied in thirteen lessons.