Items in Start Menu Apps List are Grayed-out Many of the apps and folders in my Windows 10 Start Menu appear "grayed-out" and I don't know why (see screenshot below). Powershell commands. Are the apps on your Start menu underlined and greyed out in your Windows 10 computer? I managed to repair the issues by running's Windows Repair v3.9.35 utility, with the default repair settings. The applications can include (but are not limited to): Calendar, TV and film, Camera, Maps and Photos etc. Restart File Explorer. Posted by 3 years ago. However, if you close the Start Menu and re-open it, it works OK. We have Windows 10 1803 machines, on a domain. DISM scan. Global Security Policies. Help. In Windows 10, when you right-click on a folder, an .exe file, or a shortcut to a .exe file, the Attach to run option may not be present. To solve this … The main start menu is done via redirect and the tiles are set from an XML file on GPO. Some of the apps are from the Windows … Soon after updating or installing Windows 10, a bug can appear in the form of start menu applications getting underlined. It just recently started happening to my laptop after a recent update. If you’re seeing app tiles on the Start menu or the apps list with an exclamation mark, you’re not alone. Open the Choose your color dropdown. This phenomenon is prevalent mainly for the apps which are downloaded from Microsoft Store or come along with Windows 10. Windows 10 Start Menu Grayed + Cortana Broken. Ways To Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Tiles Greyed Out/ Missing 1. The light theme on Windows 10 does not let users set a color for the Start menu, taskbar, and action center but if you switch to the dark theme, you will be able to enable the option. Start menu apps and tiles greyed out and underlined in Windows 10 Hi, Recently i have been trying to personalize my start menu, and because there is no way to reset the most used list, I did a trick where I made a new account on my pc, and copied the vedatamodel.edb in the folder "tiledatalayer' and pasted it onto my admin account. Select Dark. Archived. 5. Some are just regular Windows programs (for example, "Access 2016" in the screenshot above). We're having an issue with the Start Menu where upon first opening it's completely grayed out, the users can't click on anything. Select the Colors tab. There are even reports of app tiles disappearing completely from the Windows 10 menu. ... the start menu is grayed out once again. Open the Settings app. Also, in the Start menu, when you right-click on an item, the … Fix: Pin To Start Menu Not Working or Greyed Out in Windows 10 Read More » Along with this, the tiles for these applications also get greyed out. Don’t worry. Many users have reported that by simply restarting the file explorer, they were again able to see the titles in the Start Menu and resolve Windows 10 Start Menu tiles missing issue. Go to the Personalization group of settings. I can still click on them and launch them if they are grayed-out. 356 posts; 356 posts; Location: United States of America; Posted August 28, 2017. Also, some of the folders are grayed-out too (for example, "7-Zip" in the screenshot above). Close. Some users reported having their Toolbar grayed out, while others experienced an unresponsive Taskbar Settings or Action Center. Not all of the grayed-out apps are Windows Store apps. Greyed out start menu, couldn't change the desktop wallpaper, Edge shutting down a few seconds after opening, etc. Here's everything I tried: SFC scan. Windows 10 Start Menu Grayed + Cortana Broken.