Engineers love ribbons because their inherent … The SE RNR1 active ribbon mic emerged as the first effort, where Mr. Neve brought his knowledge of transformers and circuit board design to the table and helped create a new standard in ribbon mic performance. This is … Matt Loel T Quite simply, the sE RNR1 comes from amazing heritage – Designed and built by Mr. Rupert Neve and sE Electronics, this mic is very nice indeed! Not only is this the newest mic from sE, but it was co-designed by sir Rupert Neve. But is that extra range all you get for your money? All user reviews for the sE Electronics RNR1 1 user review on sE Electronics RNR1. I have a pair of SE RNR1's and I would not call them dark at all. While stopping by the sE booth, we learn a little more about the latest sE microphone the E965. For our final test we set our sE RNR1 ribbon mic about 4ft in front of and at 90º to a drum kit, and used the Shelford Series preamp and compressor to achieve a sort of pumped room sound. They are more open sounding than most ribbon microphones, that is not thick sounding, and they are detailed, probably because of their good hf, but dark is not a description I would use. se electronics rnr1 review September 20, 2020 / in Uncategorized / by . Because the mic is a figure-of-eight pattern, with the null pointed at the kit, … mic review – sE RNR1 Again, thanks to some very generous suppliers, recently I have been testing some pretty darn impressive microphones. Finally, a ribbon microphone with a frequency response that extends to an unprecedented 20 kHz. PG's Joe Coffey is On Location in San Francisco at this year's AES show. The word that constantly comes up when you listen and talk about the sE RNR1 is “natural.” The fact that the RNR1 has excited me about recording spaces to such a degree is real testament to the quality of this microphone — the high frequency clarity and presence is stunning. I also use the lovely DAV BG1s.