Her desire for power and control results to the tragic end of Emily who dies in a train accident on her way to Spain. Lloyd is married with six kids and a strong Roman Catholic. 2018]. Miss Brodie capitalizes on the trust of the girls’ parents. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie is a novel about a teacher’s dedication to her pupils. Considered a modern classic and having been adapted for both television and film, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie is a short novel written by Muriel Spark published in 1961. She does not tolerate divergent views and attitudes in the name of been assertive. On the other hand, Sandy is blessed with insight; therefore fitting the role of an informant. Monica Douglas has a distinct red nose and is good at mathematics; Rose Stanley is pretty and envisioned as a terrific lover; Eunice Gardiner is the small and neat one good at gymnastics; Sandy Stranger is the pig-eyed girl and the best at vowel sounds; Mary McGregor is the group’s scapegoat while Jenny Gray is the most pretty and graceful. She set out to achieve this through trying to talk Eunice to becoming a pioneer missionary of an explored and dangerous region in earth. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. GradeSaver, 13 May 2019 Web. For example, she realizes that Miss Brodie is passionate with the idea of Rose and Lloyd becoming lovers. She exposes her unacceptable practice of sharing fascist ideas with her students. It is said that an entrusted dishonest person is likely to strike when the guard of the trustees is down. Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2006/apr/22/murielspark [Accessed 4 Jun. ‘They were dark as anything and all marching in the straightest of files, with their hands raised at the same angle, while Mussolini stood on a platform like a gym teacher or a Guides mistress and watched them…’(Spark, 1961). ‘It was plain that Miss Brodie wanted Rose with her instinct to start preparing to be Teddy Lloyd’s lover, and Sandy with her insight to act as informant on the affair. She never stops to consider the fact that Emily is young and inexperienced for such a course. Miss Jean Brodie picked up six girls from the junior class to make them the best of the best. This is the main reason behind Miss Brodie’s resignation after been labeled amoral and a deviant of the curriculum. All that Brodie could think of is imposing her will on Emily by encouraging her to fight in the war. She uses all means to achieve this mission including predicting failure and a pathetic future. She knew that if the girl achieved this inspiration; power to control the region shall be bestowed on her. After you claim a section you’ll have 24 hours to send in a draft. This novel portrays her as a woman hungry for power and controlling people. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie essays are academic essays for citation. This proves that she desires to lead the girls under precise control like Mussolini. In the past the basic method of communication was writing a letter which took a long time to reach the target Read more…, Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2006/apr/22/murielspark, How to Save Money for College in High School, How Social Media Is Reshaping the Way We Communicate. It is during the girl’s time away from school that she enforces her fantasies by involving them in eroding activities such as watching dances and going to museums. This crafty move is meant to prepare Rose to be sexually involved with her art teacher. We are thankful for their contributions and encourage you to make your own. Once the affair is ablaze, Sandy would be the informant who would report the progress of the affair to Miss Brodie. Anonymous "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Summary". One must note that the male teacher in question is unmarried. Furthermore, is the administration justified by entrusting teachers with the role of curriculum implementation? However, the other set members fail to take her in since they consider her as a delinquent dumped in school by her parents. One is left wondering if teachers take their role of curriculum implementation seriously. In fact, children are more likely to copy the model of their teacher than their parents’ primarily because they spend more time with teachers than parents. In the course of these activities she manages to instill ideas in the poor girls’ head that idolize their teacher like a god. Miss Brodie defies this rule since she displays narcissism. It is in this regard that this essay focuses on analyzing ‘the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’ by Muriel Spark with an aim of investigating the role of teachers in influencing their learners. However, this is not the case with Miss Brodie, by dominating the lives of her students she ensures that they only rely on her for guidance. No Bullshit!! Carl, A. E. (2009). Miss Jean Brodie picked up six girls from the junior class to make them the best of the best. “That was the intention. will review the submission and either publish your submission or provide feedback. She involves them in her personal love affairs by telling them her love stories. However, she only guides them to becoming her clones that would fulfill her fantasies by achieving what she has failed. Written by people who wish to remain anonymous. She does not give them a chance to explore life but paints herself as the ideal woman with the best culture and view of life. It is this neglect that sees girls exposed to indecencies in the name of fulfilling fantasies of their teacher. This would ensure that she is still in control. By involving the girls in her personal love life and taking them to places that no one else would she manages to paint herself as a heroine to the girls. Her disappointment with the group heightens when Sandy betrays her by encouraging Miss Mackay; their headmistress in junior school to stop Miss Brodie’s fascism. You’ll get your high quality plagiarism-free paper according to your deadline! Miss Brodie’s quest to fulfill her fantasies is further depicted by an incidence involving a girl named Joyce Emily. The novel The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie revolves around the schoolteacher Miss Jean Brodie of Marcia Blaine School for Girls in Scotland. However, she dies without finding out who betrayed her. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott. “I admit, and sometimes I regretted urging young Joyce Emily to go to Spain to fight for Franco, she would have done admirably for him, a girl of instinct, a —-.” “Did she go to fight for Franco?”said Sandy. Studies have proved that pupils in lower grades are likely to internalize mentalities of their teachers. These girls are labeled the Brodie set; they stand out from the rest of the school till they are done with their junior school. With this in mind one would assume that teachers are aware of their influence on learners; hence, they should adopt a positive attitude. These parents have entrusted the teacher with the responsibility of guiding their daughters to acceptable members of the society. The only regret that she has about Emily’s death is the fact that she did not manage to fight for her hero Franco in Spain.