Coupled with that stability, plenty of patience helps nurses keep their cool and perform their work efficiently under stress. Attended the meetings on medication errors, safety, medical records, and the code team. Collaborated with pediatricians and other disciplines to establish effective treatment plans to meet the needs of the child. Developed and implemented nursing care plans and maintained medical records. Cared for children with traumatic injuries related to accidents, abused children, new onset juvenile diabetes or DKA. Provided care, treatment, instruction and gave emotional support for children: ages birth to adolescence and their families. Provided diverse care to General Pediatrics patients with various medical conditions. Coordinated and delivered care to medical surgical and pediatric patients. Provided inpatient nursing services primarily on a pediatric-specific medical-surgical unit. Collaborated with interdisciplinary team members at all levels to coordinate and advocate for patient care. Completed Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training. Certified by APHON for chemotherapy administration and care of pediatric oncology patients. Transported cardiac patients to medical center for surgical intervention. Prepared and audited detailed regular reports for compliance with program and government regulations. Provided patient and family education to promote compliance, follow-up, and overall physical well-being. Provided care for Pediatric Intensive Care patients including open heart surgeries, cranial facial repairs, traumas, and burns. Processed telephone- triage nursing calls, and educated patients and their parents. Established in STD, Women's Health, Family Planning, Pediatrics patient support, assessment, counseling and education. Throughout years of post-secondary education, budding nurses study topics like pediatrics, surgery, maternity and psychiatry – not to mention logistical topics such as public health and communication – in both classroom and hands-on formats. Provided age-appropriate care for infants and children through age 21 on a 32-bed, monitored pediatrics unit. Provided client and family education regarding care, treatment, symptoms and preparation for discharge. Much of the day-to-day work of pediatric nurses involves communication, as they relay messages to doctors and patients. Developed and implemented holistic nursing care plans for children in the Hematology/Oncology Unit. Responded to Rapid Response Calls from all pediatric floors and assumed part-time charge nurse duties for the Level 1 Trauma Center. Daily Clinical Assessment of Medically Fragile Children Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Facility Provided age appropriate total direct care of medically fragile infants to adolescents. Remained dedicated and patient-focused pediatric ICU nursing professional offering comprehensive quality child care experience within children hospital settings. Conducted appropriate patient assessments and continually communicated findings to the medical team to assure appropriate care was being implemented. Skilled nursing assessment, monitored patient's status and notified physician of changes in status and implemented physician orders. Identified problems and recommended solutions after interpreting test results to develop preliminary treatment plans under physician guidance. Recruited by hospital to help introduce and integrate oncology to general pediatric unit. Assisted with the preparation and dispensing of medications through the STD and HIV clinics following physician orders. Updated and adhered to current pediatric care plans and medical records. Served as preceptor, charge nurse and resource nurse throughout my career at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Utilized informational and experiential learning to meet learning outcomes. Provided education and emotional support to the children and their families. Performed skills involving care of traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, orthopedic injuries, and physical disabilities. Prepared patients for procedures, initiated and maintained medication and IV therapy, prepared equipment and assisted physicians. Provided primary floor nursing care to complex medically fragile children. Supervised additional staff members to facilitate scheduling of the clinic through the Houston metropolitan areas. Provided emotional support and instruction to patient family. Educated patients and families on the disease processes, treatment plans, medication, and doctor's orders. Provided necessary health education training for patients and ensured HIPAA compliance. Provided medical and personal care to pediatric clients who are cognitively impaired. To become certified, a prospective nurse must take the … For example, 18.6% of Pediatric Nurse resumes contained RN as a skill. Trained pediatric nurses also take blood and urine samples and measure vital signs, while those at a more advanced academic level may even help doctors develop treatment plans for children and their families. Treated oncology patients with chemotherapy/biotherapy and blood product administration. Administered medications and treatments, and offered health education to the patients' primary caregivers and family members. Administered pharmaceutical, nutritional and plant-based medicines, as directed by caregivers and ordered by overseeing providers. Checked patient's vital signs, performed lab work and administered respiratory treatments. Acted as a preceptor for new staff and as a charge nurse on the evening shift. Demonstrated proficiency with ECMO, PRISMA, Hemodialysis (HD), and Peritoneal Dialysis (PD). Assumed total care of medical, diabetic, respiratory, G.I., G.U., oncology, and cardiac patients. Preformed basic ADL's along with G-Tube care. Used independent judgement regarding treatment of medically complex and fragile children. Performed routine assessments for blood pressure, vision, hearing, height, weight, and body mass index. Documented vital signs, reconciled medications and prepared patients for provider exam. Played key role in family teaching, including extensive work with tracheostomy teaching and pain management. Performed iv installations, vaccinations, and medication administration Ensured clinical records were well maintained and directed patients to appropriate community resources. Provided activities of assisted daily living to mentally challenge and physically disabled clients. Functioned in the Level 1 Pediatric Trauma section as well as the Level 2 area of the adult ER. Pediatric nurses work in doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, surgical centers and other health care settings. Educated families of disease process and what to expect as the patient progressed through the illness. Good communication skills. EKG. Served as primary nurse for chemotherapy and pain management patients. Recorded history, vitalstats, and test results in medical records. Performed the following skills Provided emergency patient care services to pediatrics. Assessed special needs children and implemented appropriate nursing procedures including medication distribution and assistance with personal care. Phlebotomy, commenced heparin lock, urinary catheterization, N-g tube insertion, neonatal resuscitation ECG.