What Comes After Residency for Doctors?. Your resident salary is paid for by the taxpayer. Unlike medical school where the student is paying a tuition for the education, the resident physicians are paid a salary. You don't get paid during med school and most people do not work because you have to learn the material. I thought there was a post on here about this but I can't find it. This salary is about $50,000 per year. Absolutely. Vacation: PGY-1: Three weeks PGY-2, PGY-3, PGY-4: Four weeks; Health and dental … They are providing valuable work for the hospitals and clinics as they are taking care of patients and providing coverage day and night, weekends and holidays. However, most schools let you borrow up to $25,000/year to cover the cost of living. 7+ Year Member. Generally, if you are a non-resident of Canada, you will only have to report Canadian-source income, such as from employment. The first year of residency is also known as an internship or first year residency (PGY-1 for post graduate year 1, the first year out of medical school). If you are a resident of Canada, you may be eligible for certain payments or credits, even if you have no income to report or tax to pay. It is during residency that you will specialize in a particular field of medicine. In addition, most anesthesiology residency programs provide their residents with two to three weeks of paid vacation, sick days and days off to attend conferences related to anesthesiology. 10+ Year Member. If you do a Navy Residency, is there a residency pay in addition to your normal military pay? For example, anesthesiology residents at the Ohio State Medical Center are paid $46,575 during their first year, $48,120 their second year, $49,695 their third year and $51,546 their fourth year. In order to receive these payments or credits, you must file an income tax return. Benefits, Policies and Contracts Information; Paid Memberships. It is taxed. Just like the President and the 535 bozos who work on Capitol Hill. Resident Benefits, Policies and Contracts. Interns generally rotate among specialties. Most doctors earn comfortable six-figure salaries, but you have to keep in mind that many doctors are in their early 30s by the time they are fully licensed and certified specialists in their field. Bernoull. Residency programs are very structured and have to pass rigorous standards in order to be licensed as an accredited program. Society for Academic Emergency Medicine; Emergency Medicine Residents Association ; American College of Emergency Physicians; American Academy of Emergency Medicine Residents; Benefits. Residency by the Year .