BRING IT. My most flattering colors are the ones I've never liked, personality wise. Pink is almost always a good bet too. The only deviation from your list is that I pull off dark chocolate brown because it brings out the (warmer?) I think it's because they already clash with two of three characteristics (warmth and contrast). 6 comments. That has as much to do with my warm tones as my olive ones IMO. share. Pastels are a no go, as are a lot of lighter blues and greens. The more similar they are to my skin the worse. So once balayage is no longer a thing...I'm hoping that I'll have VERY gray hair by then, and have a whole new set of color balancing issues to worry about! So please tell me: What are your best and worst colors for your olive skin? I like black a lot, as I mention somewhere above, because I love playing with colour in my makeup and wearing black makes that so easy. Buuuut I think you could try less saturated or "muted" versions of jewel-toned colours (like navies, merlots, pine greens)? I personally think I look better in crisp blue-whites than I do in cream, especially when I am tanner, but I don't really wear white much if I can help it. Peaches can be very hit or miss. Best neutrals: Charcoal, cool, dark greys, light, bright beige. QUESTION. S'all good. I know its not ideal but I prefer almost any color to break up the greenish color in my hair. Members. Its hard to distinguish them so I can never really tell if Im super muted or how olive I am bc they just combine and make me very bland. GIVE ME LIPSTICK SHADE IDEAS PLS, lipstick is scary to me bc idk what shade to pick lol. Also, team Stripes4Life. My season match is deep winter. I don't know if it's necessarily the most flattering for my skintone, although it's not bad either. But do you know if it was a FF release? Have a look on Pinterest for ideas. ): What clothing colors do you find compliment your olive skin? That was me in high school! One color that makes my skin look amazing is a kind of bright summery pink (I will post a picture of the color when I get home). Wine red, deep reddish orange and deep warm brown are the ones that really make me look good. I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to finding colours that suit my olive undertone, so I've compiled a Pantone chart with colours that suit my undertone! I relate to everything here. I have lighter (but not fair) olive skin, and generally, jewel tones tend to make my skin look best (I love a deep blue teal), a rich dark brown is very nice, navy is just okay, brights are hit or miss, and pastels tend to make me look very sickly (I have removed all light yellows and blues from my wardrobe after years of trying to force them in). For me: purples, blues, and reds are key. Warmer gray tones- some shades of dove and charcoal are ok but not power colors. (Think beetroot rather than eggplant.) Close. Official site of Olive, the British contemporary lifestyle brand. It ruddies me a bit but it downplays beige so yay. Muted red is my risky color. Black, charcoal, grey, forest green, burgundy, and some shades of olive green are very nice on me. (I think, with some tweaks.). Usually thats brassy light brown. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I love the look of some of it but it's a bit more expensive. Personality is 50% and I consider that passing. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the supremeclothing community. I'm looking into SC-3 for spot concealing and I'm around MAC NC15-25. Heard from a reliable source and someone who has one that this was FF. I still can't decide about purple! Jewel tones are great, but the best cool darks for me are slightly lighter and brighter than traditional jewel tones. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Brown is super not my thing - I have never liked it and probably never will. I feel because of hair's ability to frame and meld with your face, it REALLY makes a difference to have a flattering or not-so-flattering shade. Free UK returns. I have darker skin and worry about chubbiness so I tend to avoid white for a whole bunch of reasons. I'll be watching this with interest. I can try something on and most of the time it's very clear, if the color is wrong for me I'll look washed out or ill, like I'm dead.