Christians placed a lot of emphasis on morals. Jurisprudence refers to the study of law. Now, this poses a question what if the new king is inefficient? Embezzlement. He believed that legal norms are not valid because they are given by sovereign or compatible with moral laws. The laws are not sanctioned by the state but by the awareness on the part of people. We now know that laws are necessary but what is the aim of law. Without laws, people will not even get the basic rights which they deserve. It says that decisions can be made logically from predetermined cases and ignoring the moral aspects. Even the judges that make law, give judgements according to time. Law are guidelines which are required to be followed. All these affect law and makes it a peaceful society. Every law has some deficiency but law is what limits and coerces the majority. The sociological definitions of law reject the idea of legal right. It acted as a stepping stone to their success. It was regarded as absolute. Law plays different roles in the lives of everyone. The meaning of law became closer to humans. A hell lot of problems will arise if there is not any law. Therefore, times changed and people realised that whatever King ordered should not be proclaimed as law. Though main aim of the present laws is to provide justice to the one in need. The laws are based upon the local customs, local behaviour and the current thought processes of the society. That is to say, Law is so important that it has its impact even in literature. As Christians, it was believed that the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent loving God is the world’s Lawgiver (Psalm 127:1). Law in the modern times is influenced by time and places. Same is the case of section 377, when it was proved that the law needs to be changed, the Supreme Court gave a green signal and decriminalised the 150+ year old practice. “Might is right” principle is followed. Law means a strong order in the society. Lord Dylan said,” to live outside the law, you must be honest.” The words within the quotes are absolutely right because if everyone is honest then there will be no need for law. Law evolved from religious books to Kings proclamation to what it is today. Both have the power to regulate human emotions. Although there are still many nations where gay marriages are criminalised. Definition of law of nature. Thus, law acts as a guard of all the negative human emotions of life. The notions of right and wrong, justice and injustice have there no place. . They placed a lot of emphasis on the concept of justice. They believed that if the foundations of law are weak, then society will easily revise them according to their needs. Taking another life is forbidden under natural law, no matter the circumstances involved. Law forms the subject matter of jurisprudence. We all must be aware that a condition of lawlessness is neither desirable for the nation, nor for the individual. It disregards the culture and society one lives in. Embezzlement is distinguished from swindling Law is defined as, “a set of special legal rules, enforceable by the courts, regulating the government of the state, relationship between the organs of the state and relationship or conducts subjects towards each other.” It is a body of rules made by the legislature. It is based on the concept and philosophy of, The modern definitions of law regard law as a means to achieve the goal of justice. The primary purpose of this article is to interpret the meaning of law and how the law evolved with the times of today. The people who believed in God were questioned by others. It says that there are some laws which all humans deserve as they are inherent in society.