Unity: Strategic Planning – Approaches . For example, top managers plan for the organisation as a whole, while middle level managers propose departmental plans and lower level manager formulate day-to-day operational planes. 1. Essentially a decision-making process: Planning is essentially a decision-making process, since it involves careful analysis of various alternative courses of action and choosing the best. Good Planning: Characteristics # 9. Primary of Planning – The functions of management include planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. 2. Characteristics of Planning Planning unlike the other functions of management is more of an intellectual process. Plans are formulated by taking to factors of change and may require the All other processes draw their intellectual backing or logical backing from the plans formulated. However, the nature and scope of planning is different at different organisations and level of management. Arthur A. Thompson and A. J. Strickland have described four basic approaches to formal strategic planning: 1. Also subordinate participation generally ensures the sincere and serious effort on their part to make the plan successful. In other words, every manager, whether he is at the top, in the middle or at the bottom or organizational structure, plans. 1. A plan starts with the setting of objectives and then makes efforts to realise them by developing policies, procedures, strategies, etc. Characteristics of Planning. Planning is a process that has to necessarily adapt to changing times. Planning is nothing but thinking before the action takes place.It helps us to take a peep into the future and decide in advance the way to deal with the situations, which we are going to encounter in future. It involves logical thinking and rational decision making. It is concerning with deciding in advance what is to do, when, where, how and by whom it is to do. Nature and Characteristics of Management . It is most basic management function. Management as a Group Chief executive (managing director), Departmental heads; Supervisors make up the management group. It is an intellectual process. Nature or Characteristics of Planning. The Essential nature or characteristics of planning can be highlighted by the following points. The following are the important characteristics of planning: 1. Bottom-Up Approach: Initiatives in formulating strategy are taken by the various units or divisions of an organization … Planning should not be an exclusive responsibility of top management. That is planning is done at all levels of .management. Also, the importance of planning in management, Explain are the Features, Nature, Characteristics of Planning! Planning is the first managerial function to perform in the process of management. Subordinates will not be responsible if a plan is imposed upon them. Management professionals are the need of the hour for corporate companies to manage the dynamic environment that poses very many challeneges. Focus on objectives.