Column: She and her friends were having breakfast in Mount Greenwood. Michael Pfleger "Go back to Englewood." As the department promises an investigation, Williams said a coalition of groups like Black Lives Matter Chicago and the Revolution Club of Chicago hope to get support of local religious groups and others. Beal, a … Members of the Blue Lives Matter movement and the Black Lives Matter movement gathered to protest in Mount Greenwood on Sunday, following the death of Joshua Beal. Blue Lives Matter Group Surrounds Black Activists on Chicago March - Beverly-MtGreenwood, IL - Angry mob of police supporters tell black activists and the Rev. Greenwood residents knew some of the counter-protesters but joined the demonstrations supporting Beal instead. After the meeting, Johnson spoke to reporters inside the lobby and said he pledged to meet with the students representing Black Lives Matter Youth every month to talk about racism in the city. A retired police officer paid their bill and left a ‘beautiful’ note that Black lives matter. She noted a few young Mt.