According to a report of the Computer Research Association (CRA), undergraduate (and graduate) enrollment in Computer Science (CS), over the years 2006-2015 has increased dramatically. Low GRE Quantitative Score (bottom 10%): 164 High Quantitative GRE Score (top … Median MIT MS Finance GMAT Score: 730 Low GMAT Score (bottom 10%): 700 High GMAT Score (top 10%): 760. 1 The average number of undergraduate CS majors is larger today than at any previous time, and greatly exceeds the peak enrollment of the dot-com boom period. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides on-going educational opportunities to those students seeking advanced degrees. An easy way to determine school or program prestige is to consult official rankings, such as those listed on U.S. News. In general, the more prestigious a program is, the more competitive it’ll be and thus the lower acceptance rate it’ll have. Total MS Finance Applications 2017: ~2,000 Total Students Enrolled 2018 : 111 MIT Master of Finance Acceptance Rate: ~6%. MIT: MIT admitted 1,485 students out of 19,020 applicants for the Class of 2020 for an acceptance rate of 7.81 percent. Selected 2019 graduate admissions statistics: 29,114 applications for graduate study; 3,670 offers of admission (12.6%) Acceptance Rate. Louis Bucciarelli. The College of Engineering is recognized globally as a leader in engineering education. Low GRE Verbal Score (bottom 10%): 153 High Verbal GRE Score (top 10%): 165. While UIUC doesn't publish the engineering-only acceptance rate, they do share that the freshman profile for the College of Engineering is 31-34 ACT and 1420-1520 SAT, which is comparable to other very strong engineering schools like Berkeley, Rice, or Carnegie Mellon. Enrollment statistics ("Y" report) Official enrollment statistics as of the fifth week of the fall term, annual reports for the prior 10 years. 10-year historical view Enrollment in second major Students pursuing a second major as of the fifth week of the fall term, annual reports for the prior 10 years. In its early round, MIT admitted 656 students out of 7,767 applications, yielding the lowest rate of acceptance in an early round among its peer group composed of … Our reputation for intellectual rigor, our talent for developing technologies that improve quality of life and our entrepreneurial spirit are reflected in our faculty and students, and by our physical environment. Graduate Admission. #1: School or Program Prestige. At MIT Admissions, we recruit and enroll a talented and diverse class of undergraduates who will learn to use science, technology, and other areas of scholarship to serve … Applicants for graduate degree programs are evaluated for previous performance and professional promise by the department in which they wish to register. How prestigious a particular grad school or program is can affect its overall competitiveness and selectivity. Engineering Enrollment Data at MIT.