Posted on February 19, 2014 by abuf57. McDonalds Vs Burger King: Print Advertisements. Last year, Burger King in Queens fired some serious shots at McDonald’s when it put a white sheet over the restaurant’s facade with the word “McDonald’s” spray painted across it. Compare McDonald’s to Burger King for share of voice in the UK and there is an out and out winner. McDonald’s unflashy but effective marketing has been overshadowed by rival Burger King’s attention-grabbing stunts, but it’s the former we should celebrate. They attempt to make consumers stop thinking about the brand identity of McDonalds producing fatty foods and reinforcing their fruit and veg options on the menu. McDonald's and Burger King's fast-food feud has been raging for ages. During Halloween, Burger King gave away free Whoppers to people who come dressed as a clown (or Mr. Ronald McDonald himself) to Burger King outlets. McDonald's is the Big M, the chain that puts the "global" in "global corporation." A series of print advertisements … 0. Near misses. The fight for supremacy between Burger King and McDonald’s almost seems an eternal one, each one coming up with new and creative ways to downplay the other and trying to attract more customers. Der soll nun ausgerechnet zum Weltfriedenstag am 21. While McDonald’s have always been crushing their counterpart in the economic avenues, there has been no lack of advertisement hostility from the both camps! On Peace Day 2015 they proposed a Burger War ceasefire with McDonald’s and proposed a McWhopper, as both brands have substantial influence and BK aimed to inspire real-world change. McDonald's vs. Burger King: Wer macht die besseren Burger? While Burger King has dominated the burger war on the grounds of advertising, they have also raised the white flag a couple of times. The positive associations are those that connect the brand with The King branding asset and the ‘have it your way’ advertising copy line which has clearly entered into common vernacular. McDonalds has developed a series of quirky and fresh print advertisements that try to convey a new message. Burger King’s share of voice McDonalds’ share of voice. Seit Jahrzehnten liefern sich Burger King und McDonald's einen erbitterten Kampf. The approach of a lot of McDonald’s advertising is to take brand love as a given and simply work to reinforce or affirm it.