Impact on Human Health. A buildup of excess copper is toxic to earthworms, and runoff of copper-based fungicides pollutes water. Copper ions denature proteins, thereby destroying enzymes that are critical for cell functioning. I checked with the EPA and found some info on the LD50 for copper … Prolonged exposure to some fungicide can cause visual and neural disturbances. These compounds can be highly phytotoxic to many fruit crops and must be used with extreme care. It contains copper soap (copper octanoate). Copper compounds are widely sold as fungicides for orchard and garden use. Check the label for type of copper … Copper is a foliar fungicide with protective action. Certain fungicides can cause irritation to the eyes and skin, while others can irritate the throat and respiratory problems like asthma. However, the long-term effects of fungicides in humans … The product can be used up to the day of harvest and the label says “ for organic production “. Copper Compounds - Bordeaux. Thus, copper sprays act as protectant fungicide… Copper can kill pathogen cells on plant surfaces, but once a pathogen enters host tissue, it will no longer be susceptible to copper treatments. In its liquid or powdered form it’s most commonly called basic copper sulfate, BSC copper fungicide, CP basic sulfate, or tri-basic copper … Copper sulfate is an inorganic compound that combines copper and sulfate. I went looking for liquid copper fungicides and found the Bonide product.