Tulsi tea is simple to make; all you need to do is to take a cup of water in a pan and add 2-3 basil leaves in it and bring it a boil. Before we get to the tulsi tea recipe, let’s take a closer look at the herbs we are using. Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) Also commonly called holy basil, tulsi is a deliciously aromatic plant that is highly revered in India and Ayurvedic medicine. The basil is made purple by the heightened presence of anthocyanin, a purple pigment. A2A. Thanks Rachael. However, be aware that when you make a tincture, a much larger amount of active compounds is extracted and absorbed than when you make a tea or eat a fresh herb. It is EASY to make basil tea from basil leaves, and this homemade herbal tea is so good, I want to make sure I take care of my basil plant for a long, long time! Its gifts are many! Ingredients: 4 – 6 large basil leaves (approximately 2 – 3 … Here is my basil tea recipe: How to Make Basil Tea From a Basil Plant. Let the water absorb its colour and flavour. A constituent of the oil in the basil has an anti-inflammatory effect on joints How to make the perfect tulsi tea (Tulsi tea recipe)? If you look at the above pictures of Holy Basil plants, one is purplish in color and one is bright green in color.