Do not double bind–alternatives such as wearing two t-shirts are a healthier way to give the impression of a flatter chest 5. Pinchbooks are these awesome hard covers that you can bind without a machine; you just open up the covers all the way, slide in your pages, and then close the covers again. Choose from a huge variety of sizes and colors, some of which are available in either a cloth or a faux leather material. I cannot buy a binder and I can't get any ace bandages (For reasons I'm not going disclose) so I was wondering how to could bind my chest with out these things? You could also ask your parents for a sports bra because I’ve heard they bind pretty well. There are binder exchange programs like point of pride by point 5cc. This site: (Chest Binder Donations: Free Chest Binders for Trans People in Need) offers free chest binders to trans youth who can not afford one or cannot safely obtain one. To bind your chest safely, it's important to never wear your binder for more than 8 hours in a row, and take frequent breaks to give your body a rest. ① Pinchbooks. But I want a flat chest but idk how to bind without a binder. While chest binders provide the safest binding experience, it’s possible to safely bind your chest without a chest binder. Tbh a binder looks kind of like a sports bra so you might be able to get away with just telling your parents that. Without the need for any expensive equipment, and without the hassle of traditional punch-and-bind methods, you can make the most impressive presentation for your clients, whether small or high end, with these affordable hard covers. These awesome ways to bind without a machine include everything from traditional hard covers, to ring binders, to notepads, to spiral binding coils, and more. Ik not to use ace bandages or anything, I dont even have any, the closest I can get is using two sports bras but it does a horrible job + I cant wear it at skl cuz you can sort of see it. How to bind your chest without a binder. Also, you could wear a sports bra one size smaller than what you normally wear, and then wear another sports bra over that. Does anyone know any ways to make a binder? You basically write about why you want a binder and they will send you one if you’re chosen. Pull the binder on upside-down over your head, slipping your arms through the leg holes" (From the FtM guide) I've never tried this method but have heard some transmen say it worked. How to bind my chest WITHOUT ace bandages or a binder!