Memorize the German articles quickly with the Superhero Technique. German learning material. If you have missed the project or would like to review it from the beginning to the end, go to this playlist on my youtube channel. German grammar for beginners course A1. thank you for sharing this inspiring story. If you are preparing for a B1 exam you’d also need my B1 exam hacking course and a private tutor which only focusses on preparing you for the oral exam (no teaching anything else). I want to thank you, Ewelina for participating this fully despite all hindrances and for performing splendidly. thank you for your inspiring feedback. That would be an abuse of the policy. thank you for your interest in my work. It is a wonderful technique to learn German articles with their nouns, now I remember for example The Queen checking the time in her watch for "die Uhr". Join to get a higher chance of a great score on the B1 test! See her reaction to the results when I showed them to her in this video: Let me explain the results of the test to you that you see above (click here to see Ewelina’s certificate). You'll be surprised how easy and fun it is! Learning time is most accurately calculated in minutes and hours, not months and years. Display comments as In order to study at a German university, you need level C1, not B1 or B2. Where can you take the Goethe-Institut German B1 exam? I’m sharing this for all that might read these lines. So if you set aside practice time on a daily basis you will learn faster. Dear Taher, I wish you all viel Erfolg with your German B1 exam and wish you all the strenght and discipline you need to win this challenge. Do you offer , pass B1 in 30 days? Dear Mustafa, as written in the article I do not offer such projects anymore. If you like we can have a quick Skype session in which I could give you a little evaluation of your oral skills. Join the free articles mini-course today! I wish you success with your German learning Your Comment dat is huge sucezz ,im realy inspired and hope to pass mein by next month.ich wunshe mich Elforg, Ewelina’s history is really inspiring, I motivated, am planing to take b1 exam in November 27/2015, but I have idea what I can read especially grammar part Enclosing asterisks marks text as bold (*word*), underscore are made via _word_. IMPORTANT: I DO NOT OFFER B1 IN 14 DAYS ANYMORE. You can find very affordable ones here: You can preview every product in my shop on and might find them very helpful. (. Students need to prove their proficiency by taking tests such as TestDaf, the Telc C1 test or the Goethe-Zertifikat C2: Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom (which is a test for C2). “I need German B2 Level” (15 months) – This level is slightly more challenging. I’d also be curious to find out how you studied. whether my advice has been helpful or not. To pass each part you have to achieve a certain minimum amount of points. Learning Hindi in Delhi: Interview with an Intercultural Trainer, Learning German in Delhi: The Experience of a Senior Expert in Renewable Energies, German Courses in Delhi: The Experience of an Indian IT Engineer in Switzerland, German Courses in Delhi: Experiences of a Berlin-based Indian Researcher, German Courses in Delhi: The Experience of Fackelmann India. Und lass uns das Ergebnis wissen. I have created my blog for this purpose and also answer questions on my profile on quora ( Your email address will not be published. Find out more about German B1 exam in 14 days. If you have missed the project or would like to review it from the beginning to the end, go to this playlist on my youtube channel.You will find all videos that we have made during the project in order. Ewelina stated in the first follow-up video after the exam that she felt confident about being at A2 and not yet sure about her B1 skills. (click here to see the rule in original). Usually we get learners from scratch until B1 in 3 months or from B1 to B2. I am amazed and will now focus on creating my German learning platform. Make yourself familiar with my conditions and prices here. Your email address will not be published. Hi, I really like this idea. What do you think? Go for it and keep me posted about your project. You see it is not as difficult as it might seem. Please take a good look around those pages and you will find many answers to your questions. Please understand that I can’t give free advice as I simply don’t have enough time. We teach these 3 levels within 150 hours or, if you have already completed A2 level, in 50 hours. You can find very affordable ones here. Note the differences between the different test types. Ewelina has reached 125,5 points in the written part but would have needed 135 points to pass that part. But it certainly surprised her that she was better than she had thought. To pass you need to pass two individually tested parts: a written and an oral exam. By now she surely would pass the German B1 exam with ease and feels a lot more confident about her German. I also recommend that you work with a private tutor. These programmes require that you have a good command of German, so we are often asked: How much time exactly do I need to learn German?