The 1k man made stones do wear away as you sharpen, but the jasper does not. Stone has two rounded edges with diameter of 5 and 10mm. When I came upon honing with jasper it eliminated the need for the huge set of synthetic stones I was wearing away with every use. does this level of polish, but I won't strictly classify this Jasper stone at that grit level ONLY, because it is capable of far more finer polishing yet cuts like a 1000 grit stone when the surface isn't polished. Click the social media icon links on the side bar to see my, Instagram, YouTube channel and the Facebook community group Wild Whetstones, Gabriel J Warren with and the Wild Whetstones FB group. Dressing the surface on occasion or even daily removes such small amount of material that you can be assured it will last many lifetimes. Natural profiled sharpening stone Rozsutec RZS-0906 has dimensions of 90x60mm. Jasper is a  very dense rock, with a specific gravity reading of 2.5 -2.6 and a MOH's hardness reading of 6.5 to 7.5. About Natural Whetstone Sharpening and Wild Whetstones. I learned that if you just break sharpening back into those 3 stages, you only need 2-3 sharpening stones at the maximum to handle all your sharpening needs. as much as I could, I owned for a few years this exhausting set. Many veins of stone in this way became classics, through their purity and beauty and were graded for their purity/ fineness through sharpening. Joined Jan 13, 2011 Messages 10,797 Likes 13,563 Location Orange County, New York. As long as you have established a good sharp initial bevel first, moving to fine polishing is easy and can be done in one step. Hey there, fellow blade enthusiasts! Jasper can cut like a coarse grit whetstone when it is lapped with 120 grit or rougher, so I send stones double sided when 2 faces of the stone are available.The ultimate sharpening move I found myself using comes from the Japanese whetstone tradition of creating a slurry  when you sharpen. Harvesting Natural Sharpening Stones. Basically this is a solid foundation for a working edge and for specialty sharpening try polishing techniques. I first started selecting and hunting down natural whetstones to cut in 2014. Hello there, my name is Gabriel J Warren. I do extra coarse re-profiling work on the 325 because it scratches less deeply than a 120 grit, and lasts longer due to the way the company DMT bonds the diamond. Natural sharpening stones: for the natural sharpening expert. I also send stones out  with 2 different surface grit levels. A noticeable advantage jasper has over all the synthetic stones, and most other natural stones, is that it is so hard it does not dish out at all when sharpening.Bringing this back to using jasper as a dual grit stone, the key is pick one side and use a rough method to abrade your jasper so it wont behave like a finishing grit. There stones have a long life span: a hard natural stone … In terms of grit ranges these stages are known as coarse, medium and fine grit. 325 is my grinding grit as well as a slurry plate for the 1k stone and the jasper. When I was first starting sharpening an illusion. For a finer grit feel slurry or dress the stone with 325 grit or 600 diamond, For a bevel setting type feel and much faster sharpening speed, dress the other side of your stone with 120, 220, or as low as 80 grit. This is a major advantage over most of the softer whetstones on the market, which last a few years under regular use. Naniwa Chosera's full set of stones, with some other Japanese Naniwa brand stones as well,  400, 600 800 1000 2000 3000 5000 8k snow white, 10k chosera, 15k Nubatama, 30k Nubatama, This set might be good for people who sharpen 100+ knives, a week, but it does require that you NEVER over soak the stones. Sharpening particles of natural stones are uneven in their sizes and the resulting edge's "teeth" will also be uneven, making a knife stay sharper for a longer time as the "teeth' will dull unevenly Natural stones dish at a much slower rate then synthetic, so a natural stone will last longer then a synthetic one and doesn't need to be flattened often. Jasper allows you to skip the 1k stone if you want to go back to basics, and just use 1 or 2 stones to cover sharpening. not limited to just that! A quick lapping with 120 or 220 grit keeps the Ancient Ocean Jasper stone sharpening faster still a less toothy edge. This was a wonderful new advantage because accidentally gouging other stones that are soft requires the sharpener to re-flatten the stone during each use. This approach quickly taught me what kind of razor edges to never try shaving with again haha! Thread starter 556mp; Start date Nov 16, 2015; 556mp Bushwhacker. 460 Kč Add to cart More. So learning to sharpen naturally begins to require deeper study of how different stones behave in use. All natural stones in our store have been thoroughly tested by me on Razors, Knives, and Tools. This stage is bevel setting, which needs to be done first before the final polishing stage. While these stones will not produce an edge as fine as the India or natural stones, the fast cutting makes them ideal for initial coarse sharpening. So 1k grit is the perfect transition from coarse to medium fine polishing, and then jasper can out perform and eliminate every single other mid range stone on the list above, when it comes to transitioning to a polish.