The same ship, the MS Oldenburg, also provides evening cruises from Bideford along the River Torridge but in the downstream direction only as it is too big to pass under the Bideford Long Bridge. [80] During the English Civil War, Bideford stood with the Parliamentarians against the Royalist forces of Charles I. and Appledore Railway was an unusual and short-lived railway built entirely on this peninsula with no direct connection to the rest of the British railway network. 28 Bideford vessels with a tonnage of 3860 were involved in this practice in the year 1700. Golfer Jimmy Mullen is also from the town. Francis Small, a landowner and trader who immigrated to New England was born in the town. Bideford is a registered Fairtrade Town - Support local and world farmers - look for the fairtrade logo on your shopping items. Andrew's Dole is a custom dating from 1605. The local MP is the Conservative Geoffrey Cox and the MEP are Conservatives Ashley Fox and Julie Girling. Bideford Black is a unique pigment which was mined for 200 years up until 1969 in Bideford and the surrounding area. The Bideford witch trial in 1682 involved three women, Temperance Lloyd, Mary Trembles and Susannah Edwards, accused of witchcraft and which resulted in one of the last hangings for witchcraft in England. who was a junior witness to Richard's foundation charter of Neath Abbey, and who in the 1166 Cartae Baronum return was listed as holding one knight's fee from the Earl of Gloucester, feudal baron of Gloucester. It is mainly public housing, especially on the Pollyfield estate. [38] In the 1820s there was talk of converting the bridge so that it could be raised and lowered to allow larger boats and ships to pass under it. [52] The seams containing Bideford Black Stretch from Hartland, underneath Bideford, and onto Umberleigh. In 1575 he created the Port of Bideford. Sir Richard I de Grenville ( 1142) (alias de Grainvilla, de Greinvill, etc.) Bideford Town Council[69] has 16 seats representing four unequal wards, North, South, East and South Outer. [60] In 2001 31.6% of households were classed as "single person households". Bideford is renowned for its New Year's Eve celebrations, when thousands of people – most in fancy dress – from surrounding towns, villages, and around the world gather on the quay for revelries and a fireworks display. Affinity Devon, formerly Atlantic Village, is an outlet shopping centre on the western outskirts of the town: it has over thirty retail outlets and an adventure park called Atlantis. Experiments nearby, including The Great Panjandrum, were said to be viewed in the area in secret by Dwight D. Eisenhower and Sir Winston Churchill at the Strand Cinema. [101], In 1272 Bideford was granted a market charter, and has had many markets throughout the years. [29], In 1942 American GIs arrived in Bideford. Once a malicious person tried to throw him over the Long Bridge, the walls of the bridge being very low, but was unexpectedly and luckily interrupted. [39] During World War Two the 10th arch of the bridge was being repaired, and the police asked for ladders and scaffolding to be removed from the bridge to prevent potential invaders climbing up and capturing the bridge. [33] It is also thought that during the war there was an experimental Royal Navy unit testing a secret petrol pipeline in the river. A memorial has been put on the Tarka Trail to commemorate this. Around 150 ships were built between 1840 and 1877 at Higher Cleave Houses in Bideford. Richard de Grenville was one of three (or four[13]) known sons of Hamo Dapifer (died circa 1100) Sheriff of Kent, an Anglo-Norman royal official under both King William the Conqueror (1066–1087) and his son King William Rufus (1087–1100). Domesday Book, (Morris, John, gen.ed.) [99], Bideford Art School was located on The Quay from 1896 to the 1970s. This area of North Devon was home to the author Charles Kingsley, and is where he based his novel Westward Ho!. Bideford Black contains carbon, silica and alumina, … - Ilfracombe or Barnstaple", "Bideford Town Council – Online Digital Resources – Home", Barnstaple and Bideford Town Council election results, Bideford Town Council prayers ruled unlawful, "Torridge District Council : Torridge District Council Home Page", "Devon County Council Election Results 2017", "Michael Kors, L.L.C. It underlined the need for another crossing to share the load of burgeoning traffic and so, in 1987, the new Torridge Bridge was opened. The Bideford Film Society shows films just after their cinema release. In 2009, James May's Toy Stories attempted to run OO scale trains on a temporary track on the right of way. The town is in two portions, united by a bridge of 24 arches. Bideford is the former home of the author Charles Kingsley, who regularly mentioned the towns and villages of North Devon in his work. East-the-Water also has its own football club, Shamwickshire Rovers FC, which plays at Pollyfield. Former Alderman Mrs Muriel Cox, who resigned from the Council last December, served as Mayor in 1954. The town council received widespread attention in February 2012 when the High Court ruled that prayers as part of meetings were not lawful by the Local Government Act 1972.[71]. Temperance Lloyd, Mary Trembles, and Susanna Edwards of Bideford were the last people to be hanged for witchcraft in England. By tradition Richard de Grenville is said by Prince (died 1723),[14] (apparently following Fuller's Worthies[11]) to have founded Neath Abbey and bestowed upon it all his military acquisitions for its maintenance, and to have.