A favourite around our house! Quick and easy to make, this mixed berry sauce is delicious spooned over cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, pancakes, or waffles. Add waffle toppings that are completely over-the-top. I think they’re just perfect for a birthday or special occasion-but we won’t judge if you dig in on any plain weekday, too. Waffles with Peach Topping are a delicious breakfast treat! Yum! Fresh Sliced Strawberries. I don’t know about you but fresh strawberries rank at the top of my list for waffles. TOPPINGS! Create your waffle topping list starting with the fresh fruit you’ll serve (we recommend at least 3 fruit options). 7.) The freshness and slight tart of the berry work well with the waffle and adds a beautiful pop of red to the plating of your dish. And lots of ’em. Just 4 ingredients and 15 minutes and you have a chunky strawberry sauce for topping pancakes, waffles, ice cream, cheesecake – you name it. Use fresh or frozen peaches to make a quick and EASY topping for your favorite waffle! Chop up nuts. Whether you’re gearing up for a long weekend or looking to spice up a regular day, waffles are an ideal breakfast treat. Ice cream – Yes, this is one of the best toppings ever and tastes so good always. Every now and then, I enjoy waffles as a breakfast treat. Next, add small pieces of fresh fruit right on top. Whipped cream with sprinkles. Powdered sugar – It’s light and easy to sprinkle on any waffle. 1. Thickened only with puréed fruit (and not cornstarch like many dessert fruit sauces), it has an intense and pure berry flavor. Here are a few fun toppings to try: Whipped Cream – First, a favorite topping that is simple and light. For those days where more is definitely more, load up your waffles with indulgent ingredients you can drizzle, sprinkle and top to your heart’s content. After whipping up some homemade waffles (my favorite are these whole wheat waffles), it’s time to get to work on what you really got out of bed for. By every now and then, I mean every couple of months. Then choose 2-3 crunchy items and 3-4 sauces/syrups. Store toppings in individual bowls that you can serve from at the party. Fresh fruit – Why not be healthy? 10 Ideas for Waffle Toppings. The day before your party, prep your fruit by washing and slicing it. We serve it over Celebration Waffles Recipe #74394 and top it with Whipped Cream! Homemade Strawberry Topping (aka strawberry compote), is sweet, vibrant and easy to make. 3. As another popular fruit topping for Belgian waffles, strawberries are usually freshly sliced or served in a simple syrup.