You'll likely need a master's degree to get into this field. Most astronomers work in government research centers, though some spend much of their time in observatories. You could work with guidance, navigation, or control systems. When you have a physics degree, jobs in areas like engineering, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and technology all become possibilities for you. Physics is a diverse discipline that allows you to explore a huge range of scientific phenomena. The primary task of a health physicist is to make sure radiation levels stay within acceptable limits. Many of them don't even include the word "physicist" in the title. Typical starting salaries for physics grads with bachelor's degrees ranged from about $28,000 for those who worked as research assistants and lab technicians in colleges and universities to about $65,000 for those who found STEM-related positions in the private … Designing, operating, and maintaining laser equipment requires a solid understanding of physics. Opportunities are also available in the telecommunications and construction industries. In fact, the Institute of Physics estimates that about 20 percent of physics graduates find jobs in finance after graduation! In fact, the Institute of Physics estimates that about 20 percent of physics graduates find jobs in finance after graduation! matches students with schools and is compensated when a visitor requests and receives information from our clients. “This major creates an opportunity for students to prepare themselves for future employment in such areas as quantitative finance… Architectural firms and electronics manufacturers alike depend on acoustical engineers to apply their knowledge of the science of sound to the design and construction of buildings, machinery, and consumer devices. The options are almost endless. Most of these positions require a doctoral degree. They also study the results of earthquakes, such as tsunamis and landslides. Develop new laser equipment? 2021 Summer Analyst Program - Global Markets - Quantitative... Weiss Asset Management jobs in Boston, MA, Quantitative Analyst salaries in Boston, MA. Here's the reality: There are so many different types of physics—and so many ways to use the quantitative and analytical skills gained in a physics program—that the world really is your oyster. So, what do physicists do? questions & answers about D. E. Shaw & Co., L.P. Finance Guru Consulting Group jobs in New York, NY, Financial Analyst salaries in New York, NY, Data & Analytics Internship - Spring 2021, questions & answers about Bankers Healthcare Group, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Are you fascinated by the physics of flight? It depends on your level of education and the nature of your specific job. And physics careers can be extremely rewarding. You explore how things move or don't move, how they change, and what they are made of. That could mean designing better prosthetic devices, developing new types of paints, or using ultrasound to uncover hidden defects in railway tracks. You excel at collecting, organizing and analyzing data while helping to develop conclusions and recommendations through BI tools and have experience identifying…, As an associate, you'll work as part of the firm-wide model governance team responsible for keeping all heads of risk and individual business groups informed…, Quantitative trading is a far reaching term which ranges from researching and programming advanced algorithms to operate in extremely competitive market places…. Some meteorologists focus on researching the causes of hurricanes or tornadoes or developing computer models of climate change. Clearly, jobs for physics majors are available across a wide range of industries. This is what it found: So the answer to the question "What can I do with a physics degree?"