Paying the $9.99 per month will allow to look up 200 keywords per day in lieu of 50 and give you access to additional reports that aren’t available in the free version. So, it does make you wonder which is correct. So, I guess Erank wins on pricing. However, it’s not quite that easy…. If going for the paid version though, the limits on Erank are not so much of a problem as most of the keywords will show up in the list with an indication of how they rank. This helps you to set up the title of each of the products that you sell with the proper keyword that consumers will enter when searching for a product. Another extremely useful report on Erank is the sales map. Compare This feature is supposed to allow you to add other Etsy shops so you can compare side-by-side. No, it won’t help you to find the right selling price but it will help you to be found in general. EtsyRank Keyword Tool gives you alternative keywords ideas for your item. No one wants to use a site that’s not user-friendly and simple to use! Marmalead has a really simplistic layout and makes it super easy to navigate from tab to tab. Get second hand woodworking tools for sale in south africa free download. Competition: this shows you how many other listings can be found in search results for the keyword you specified. It’s more simplistic which makes it slightly more user friendly. So, why do you need an Etsy keyword tool? Storm. To be honest, although the grade is just a guide, I do think it helped me to find alternative keywords which are better suited for my listing. Sometimes, there’s a word similar to one you’d already discovered but is actually a lot better in terms of engagement. Unfortunately, this can make it extremely difficult as you can click on a lot of keywords that are not suitable at all and then end up running out of look-ups for the day. Out of the two, I would definitely say that Marmalead is the more user-friendly option. Personally, I’ve never chosen to proceed with the paid version as there is still plenty that you can do with the free version. This one took a lot of trial and error as well as a lot keyword searches but I finally managed to increase the grade to a B+. I like checking search volume using eRank before I waste my time making a product that no one is actually searching for on Etsy. Marmalead is unlimited whereas Erank, paid or unpaid, does have some limits. However, the $19 is about on par with what I currently pay for an SEO tool for our website. share. Mar 3, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Donna Croce. Not only does it tell you how many searches and how much engagement the word receives on average each month but also the level of competition. Located in the main menu under Tools > Keyword Tool, type your search term in the Enter keywords text box and click the Search button. Come and join the group. Best Selling Printables on Etsy . It’s definitely worth spending a little time trying the different tabs and working out which ones are going to be beneficial to you. $19 per month or $15.83 per month when paid annually. From similar shopper searches to alternative long tail keywords, Marmalead gives you plenty of options to help you narrow down the right ones for you. For each tag that is display, you can see columns containing the following information: Tag Occurrences: the number of times we found that tag in the top 100 listings that were analyzed. I mean, this is useful as Pinterest is a great tool to help you gain ideas and market your items. Who knows? Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité. Then there is a word cloud with other similar phrases. I mean, no one is going to be able to buy your products if they can’t find them in the first place, right? Here, you can assess your competitors’ titles, tags, listing age, views, and more. Google Shopping Searches: the average monthly searches the keyword has had on the Google Shopping over the past 12 months. Located in the main menu under Tools > Keyword Tool, type your search term in the Enter keywords text box and click the Search button. Then in the menu click on the keyword tool to open the tool. For each of the top listings, eRank will show the thumbnail, shop name, title and tags used, as well as the following statistics: Listing Age: how old the listing is (in days). Generally though, the main focus should always be to finding high engagement, low competition words and to ensure that you fill in all of the details that you can within your listing. For me, I tend to only really stick to the keyword tool and grades as these are my current two areas of focus. Making serious money affiliate marketing. This is more useful as you are focusing on Etsy SEO and trying to target popular items on there. Talk about eRank (formerly known as EtsyRank), the Rank Checker, Gradings, Keyword Tool, Listing Audit, Spell Checker and other features. The sales factors, although beneficial, have little to no bearing on the grade. Clearly, both sites have a different way of grading your listing which is why you can only ever use it as a guide. Want to see even more data. One of the easiest ways is through the main search function though. With any tool or website that you’re using, the user-friendliness is always a big factor. This can mean anything from adding in more long tail keywords to picking words with a higher engagement. The grades are there as a guidance and to tell you if you are implementing the right procedures. How eRank analyses your listings and decides how good a listing is check out this video to see my view on why a listing with a grade A might not be ranking . This tool is available to all eRank members. Signing up for Erank is totally free which, of course, is a bonus! This shows you where all of your sales have come from. Although this isn’t a huge problem as you can come back the following day, it does make it more long winded. These keywords include certain phrases commonly associated with purchases. The EtsyRank Keyword Tool gives you access to alternative keyword and tag ideas for your listings. I love this tool – go to the Keywords Tool page, input some keywords and check out search volume on Etsy for those keywords. The simple answer is yes you can do it on your own. Just like Marmalead, it gives a breakdown of the searches, engagement and competition. So, this one is tough. It takes a little more getting used to but Erank is a fairly easy site to use. I am quite confused by the changes but both seem to be valuable SEO tools. Google Searches: the estimated number of searches on Google each month. They can tell you which words have high searches and engagement but low competition. The score is based on the popularity of the keyword, and how well competitors rank for it. is a relatively low-traffic website with approximately 16K visitors monthly, according to Alexa, which gave it a poor rank. I originally wrote this post a little while ago but both sites have had a few updates since which is why I thought it was only fair that I update my post too! Now that you have an idea of all the benefits EtsyRank offers your Etsy Shop let’s start the SEO Tutorial. Keywords with high clicks or CTR’s tell us that buyers are interested in the search results that they are seeing and may generate more views and sales than other keywords. Average Clicks (US): the average monthly clicks the keyword has had over the last three months. Move your mouse over the chart to see the number of listings found at the various price points to help you competitively price your own products. The numbers reported here may differ from what other companies provide due to different data collection methodologies and data providers. Some sites will offer certain elements for free in order to entice you into paying for full access. This is because a lot of the fields are hidden unless you pay to upgrade. When it comes to Etsy SEO tools, the purpose is to find the words that are going to provide you with the most exposure. However, although the competition level remains the same there are no searches to be shown. However, one downside I found to this was that, although it’s easy to navigate, there’s not a lot of information that tells you what each tab is actually for. Sometimes just by comparing the options it can make your decision a lot easier. Plus, the links within the tabs will send you directly to other areas of the site to help you out. All rights reserved. Etsy Tags Tips. The Keyword Tool will help you get a sense of the most popular tags used by Etsy sellers, how often the keywords in those tags are searched for on Etsy, common price points, and other data to help you select keywords and optimize your listings. Not only that, but when it comes to keyword searches, it provides a better indication as to the number of searches the word or phrase receives. This is definitely one of the key factors to focus on when finding a new tool to use.