The timer can also be used as a stand-alone wall switch, and preset timer … And the best part, you can set a timer to have your curtains open and close each morning and evening automatically. The buttons on the side allow simple setting of the desired opening and closing times of the curtains … Timers can be used to operate our motorized window blinds and shades. Effortlessly protect your curtains from tearing and keep them perfectly … It is similar to programming a programmable thermostat. Timer control. The timer is designed for our electric shade rod CL338H series motors. This not only provides additional comfort when you are at home, but by automating your curtains … Below we share our unbiased and in-depth review of the best-motorized drapes available today. Besides, you can open … This series of articles provides a step by step guide to programming the radio remote control timer used with our tubular motors. The LCD window in the unit shows the time and program info. 9.5. You can close or open the curtain by control pad, remote control, hand, or any other controller. Connect your Somfy electric curtain track with a timer and your curtains close and open automatically at the time you want. Programming the timer is very simple. Some electric curtains … With our motorized curtains and myLink app, you can control all your curtains easily via your smartphone or a single remote control. METechs Electric Window Curtain Rod works with all types of curtain draperies or fabric.