An interesting development has been the blending of Tencel with merino wool. That person called Tencel Lyocell jeans the stretchiest jeans ever but in comparison to other jean products, that is not saying that much. These fibers share some properties – both neutralize odors, regulate moisture and heat and both are very soft. There are dresses with skirts that will twirl, coats with pleats or gathers at the back, flowing tunics and shirts, cool culottes – and fitted jeans, shorts, and trousers. Lyocell the facts. Tencel® is the brand name for Lyocell produced by a company called Lenzing Fibres in Austria. The fibers are very accepting of colorful dyes so you can make the material even more beautiful or match your personality. But the fabric can also shrink on you if you do not care for it properly or something happened to its shrink resistance nature. Converting wood chips to a softly flowing dress is complex and uses so many chemicals that your eyes start burning just reading their names! Shop by Color; Fabric Type; Purpose; Theme & Pattern; More Ways to Shop - directright Departments plus Filters Sort. Low toxicity solvents are used (and recycled to be used again) to convert wood pulp into fiber. The colors are deep and bright and garments have a gloss to them. That means it bounces back to its original size very easily without creating drooping or bagging. On top of those positive points, these sheets have antibacterial properties and are good for people with sensitive skin. TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal cellulosic fibers are versatile, soft & pleasant to the skin. From 1990, Lenzing added nanotechnology to produce Tencel®. This is usually when there are combinations of fabrics – for example, a Tencel jacket with a lining of another fabric. What does it have to do with jeans? In fact, Lenzing products have medical certification to show that fabrics have been tested for toxins and will not irritate or damage your skin. A couple of drawbacks is that this material can shrink on you if you are not careful and is delicate when wet. - Durable- even though it can shrink on you it is made to be shrink resistant, strong, and long-lasting. It’s obvious when you look through the advertisements for Tencel products that the fabric is soft and silky. The product made by this company is called Lyocell and it is supposed to be a sustainable material that provides comfort smoothness and versatility. Currently, there are only four manufacturing facilities for regenerated fiber – one in the USA, two in Europe and one in India. Not permanently anyway. It seems that Tencel lyocell sheets are like denim. Are Linen Clothes Good Choice for Travel? They do not stretch that much, if at all, but they have those same qualities that make Tencel jeans so popular. » Does Tencel Lyocell Stretch? Delicate fabrics may be hand-washed in cold water with a gentle detergent. TENCEL™ fibers are wildly versatile and can be used for everything from outerwear and sportswear to lingerie to bedding. Garments made from Tencel are very cool and refreshing to wear. Look for the label: “Medically tested – tested for toxins” if you want the genuine Tencel® product. Unfortunately with 100% cotton denim, it’s a fabric that will ALWAYS stretch out no matter what you do. Tencel is the brand name. Fibers made from cellulose in wood are called Lyocell but may be referred to as Tencel. An Ultra fine Tencel T-shirt which can be worn for many days. The best thing that can be said about stretching Tencel lyocell is that to get it stretched a little bit, all you should do is wet it slightly, not soaking wet, and pull on the places by hand that you want to make bigger. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Stretch is not a priority with the company. Most of us think that there are two types of fabric: There’s a third category, made from “recovered” or “regenerated” fiber, and includes bamboo, rayon, lyocell and the registered brands Tencel®, Modal®, and Viscose®. Plus, this fiber helps denim breath even better as well as regulate body temperatures along with helping the drape of denim. If there is a bit of wrinkling use a warm iron only – too much heat will damage the fabric. Washing and drying it incorrectly could lead to shrinking. Lingerie for sportswear is getting particular attention. Versatile This eco fabric has controllable fibrillation (the very fine hairs found on the outer fibres), which can be manipulated into everything form suede-like softness to a silky smooth finish. Machine washing, using the gentle cycle, is appropriate for many garments (read the garment care label), and drip drying is preferable to machine drying. Plus, it resists shrinking so you do not have to worry about stretching the material back to its original size. What is known is that when turned into bed sheets you have very comfortable and soft bedding to sleep under.