When water is added to egg white powder, it converts into a liquid with all of the properties of egg white including the flavor. They make a great food for a healthy diet plan, however, eating egg whites can also have side-effects. When I remembered it was a few hours later. I was making myself an egg-white omelette this morning but after eating I got busy and forgot to put the carton of egg whites back in the fridge. Do egg whites go bad in room temperature? Kimblesnbits13 Member Posts: 369 Member Member Posts: ... All the egg white cartons have an expiration date that is longer than a week, but if you look on the side of it, it says "use up to 7 days after opening" Anything can be kept a long time before it's opened lol . It is slightly salty with subtle mineral notes, but is mostly bland. Eggs may be one of the most important foods in a healthy diet plan, but you do … It is highly important for you to consult your doctor and discuss thoroughly about benefits and side effects of egg white before deciding to start an egg diet if you have acute liver problems. Egg whites are rich in protein and several minerals. If the commercially available powders are made from egg-whites only, they basically go through the process of dehydrating them and heating it to a temperature that would kill off the bacteria and any bad stuff. Egg white powder flavor profile. Egg white powder health benefits. I looked inside the carton it looked fine and there's no smell. Do eggwhite cartons really go bad after a week?