This DIY telescope is resourceful, adventurous, and the perfect way to keep an eye out for Pirates! I am Andressa Hara, the creative force behind Twinkle Twinkle Little Party! Roll a piece of cardstock over a cardboard tube. This DIY telescope is resourceful, adventurous, and the perfect way to keep an eye out for Pirates! xoxo, Requirements: TELESCOPE 1. yes, that’s a bird. Encourage him to find birds with his telescope and describe them to you. We are so happy to share the step-by-step tutorial with you today! If you like to stargaze like my son and Zoom Squirrel, this post is for you. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is now playing in theaters. Don’t forget! All little pirates need their very own telescope! 2. 50mm camera lens 4. This DIY pirate telescope is really simple and easy to make and will provide hours of fun! I have created content for Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Nestle, Tiny Prints, Shutterfly and many others! I hope you enjoy what you find here! Use HOLIYAY for 10% OFF + FREE Shipping >. Allow to dry completely. It's . We made a fun DIY telescope and we hope your kids get excited about creating their own as well! I’ve said it many times, but raiding the recycling bin has so much potential and so much fun that’s free! A Round piece of Transparent Plastic (it can be from binding covers) to fit the cup. These detailed instructions will show you how to build a telescope that will allow you to see far up into the sky and get a closer look at the solar system. I Want to Sleep Under the Stars inspired us to get creative and interested in what we could learn under the stars! Add your email below to get exclusive offers, kid-friendly activities, helpful tips and more! When you make this telescope with your child, have fun watching for birds, planes, and other flying objects. 20/25mm (Diamet… Needless to say, the kids were so thrilled to receive a copy of ‘I Want to Sleep Under the Stars’ to add to their collection! Both of our older kids absolutely love Mo Willems’ books and always get excited when they learn there’s a new book coming out. Discover (and save!) To celebrate the release of the newest Mo Willems’ book I Wantto Sleep Under the Stars from the Unlimited Squirrels series, my son created his own DIY Telescope! Here’s a craft for the little one in your ship who loves the #PiratesLife. Step 5. Look up in the sky! Jun 22, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Garin Hagedorn. Decorate your telescope with stickers and markers. It’s been a great combination of reading, notebooking, and hands-on learning opportunities like the telescope craft I’m sharing here today. We are so happy to share the step-by-step tutorial with you today! It’s a plane! Lens (Long focal length) 2. and play with their creation! If you like to stargaze like my son and Zoom Squirrel, this post is for you. Step 6: Decorate the telescope with fun stickers! Recycle a few household items, like paper cups and cardboard tubes to create a telescope. is the third book to release) and it’s filled with hilarious jokes, quirky quizzes, and nutty facts. It's . It was super easy and they’re super cute. We traced it on the plastic and cut it. The tube should fit snug, but still be able to move and … Mo Willems is the massively popular creator of the Elephant & Piggie books for early readers. I have a Upcycling Recyclables board on Pinterest that I keep handy to find new stuff to do with my recycling! Kids' Sea-View Telescope Craft - One Time Through. It's simple and easy to make AND use. Make Simple Digital Telescope: Build your own high range telescope, using Webcam, PVC pipes and a scrap camera lens. You, too, can avoid astronomical costs by watching stars through a tricked-out cardboard tube. 60/50mm (Diameter) PVC pipe and joints TRIPOD 1. 1. Get a closer look at the stars in the nighttime sky and learn about the constellations or look for shooting stars. I Want to Sleep Under the Stars is available now! Step 7:Using a sharpie, draw some of the details. . I had found out that putting a magnifying and minimizing glass together gave the sort of effect that you have in telescopes. And that’s our telescope craft for kids to make! The boys and I made this super simple telescope craft out of a recycled International Delight creamer bottle. Do you know more about sleeping under the stars than the Squirrels do? Older children: Have your child to go outside with the telescope around dusk. Embellish with stickers. When you make this telescope with your child, have fun watching for birds, planes, and other flying objects. This is the coolest pirate telescope that kids can make! your own Pins on Pinterest How To Build a Dobsonian Telescope: DIY Astronomy Project. My oldest son particularly loves the Acorn-y Joke Time! Go outside or look out a big window. . I love being creative and I am constantly working on new ideas to share with you! Push the flaps inward. It can be the perfect diy craft activity if your kids are still doing remote learning and need a much-needed break from screen time. If you are looking for simple yet beautiful ideas for your next celebration, Twinkle Twinkle Little Party is the perfect place for you! Your telescope is almost done! Check to make sure that the cardboard tube will now fit into the hole that was created with the craft knife. Madhouse mummy | Craft for kids. . yes, that’s a bird. It’s an easy craft that can change your kids’ perspective and help them focus on things around them in a different way. 2. How?I sat down and l… Step 4: Attach it to the cup using invisible tape. Madhouse mummy | Craft for kids. It’s a bird! DIY Dobsonian Telescope. So happy to have you here! I could see taking it a step further and punching holes in it and tying ribbon or yarn on it so they could drape their telescopes around their necks, but I didn’t take it that far because the kids were already using it, and this left it more open for pretend play. A homemade telescope is also a must-have for an up-and-coming spy, and they’re cheap to create. DIY Pirate telescope craft for children. Younger children: Telescopes are great for watching birds. From DIY tutorials to full party set ups, I take pride in partnering up only with brands I love to create content for! Unlimited Squirrels books are great conversation starters and educational tools; through funny stories, your kids learn surprising nonfiction content. Are you familiar with Mo Willems and the Unlimited Squirrels series? View our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, Start Your Kid’s Day With a Great-Tasting, Energy-Boosting Breakfast of Champions. She can look across the sky to find stars, airplanes, satellites—maybe even a shooting star. On the sidewalk? And that’s a plane. Step 3: Using a sharpie, write on the piece of round transparent plastic the message of your choice. Here's a great craft project for the boys or the girls! Andressa, Copyright© 2017 Twinkle Twinkle Little Party, Create a Spooktacular Halloween Char-boo-terie. Add some rubber bands. What You’ll Need. . You will by the end of this book! Step 5: Glue the paper towel roll and cup together. In I Want to Sleep Under the Stars, Zoom Squirrel dreams of sleeping under the night stars. We used a metallic paint. The kids can now enjoy reading I Want to Sleep Under the Stars! On the grass? The Squirrel pals are excited to help! In the sky? Look up in the sky! Easy Telescope Craft for Kids. Step 2: Using a pair os scissors, cut the bottom of the cup.