Ventilated wire shelving allows for visibility of items; Weight capacity 100 lbs. ClosetMaid's ® full line of garage storage products creates more space by getting items off the floor. <> x��[Y�ܶ~W��_\�T�\���\�ڕ�$[������{�V��pG���nf��8)��3Ct���xz�{��nڇ��N����['W�������/���]ss�i�����'�/Γ�O���$ !YΓ��OH���H�h��,)�Ȫ����'yr^=}r�&�_�˿=}�B�C$���!�JIh(�3�t�&/ޞ'��;�����I~����`Z�(�R>���� M_���|U�����~X�p9�HI�"yZ�y`}L��3�]t��Y��Y.���2Z,aB'�PA3Z'EU�Lpc�?�O�[;����^���{�տ�'�Û!�?��k�%�*�kQg%�'���E�]�,���K'�K�"+��(���6�oA�_v+��������J)����Nː�R�g����1l�o�Q⏥9!F;gR;�7�|�|�ȿ��M���CFɳ�-[0�U�Ȳ3A2R�cѨ�a���g����K?u� �Dt-G!fݽ�YNyRH�t �b�R Vf�e���;�Q�e <>>> ClosetMaid's ® ShelfTrack™ standard and bracket system allows wire shelves to be adjusted to any height, making storage more versatile in both large and small spaces. �e��>9q���M�NzfN&4�HBm~��w�rJie� Bמ*7�N��2�B&�H���=NMc�U���Ѩ�#[d�#�WأK�s�GJg��%��Gw�=�c�ڤʠ\E�q��,b����@*���3�M�;!SAS��,���.O��R�����)�l��G�I�4/@qd>����玝S�;SM��������m��PM�/����Y]��p��Hu�e�S֏�x�"5�!5��>} "�ŬB]�9��cc Add storage and organization to your garage, pantry, closet and more with this shelving. Standards attach to Hang Track to hang vertically and the double-notch provides sturdy bracket installation. Certification which meets California Specification 01350 indoor air quality standards for school classrooms, private offices and single family residences. • All ClosetMaid wire shelving is SCS certified to meet Indoor Air Quality Indoor Advantage Gold requirements and supports safe and healthy indoor environments for school classroom, private office and/or single-family residence per California Specification 01350. L. Shelf Supports: 1. The ClosetMaid vinyl-coating process on wire shelving ensures durable encapsulation of steel wire and welds to resist chips, rust and UV discoloration. Provides adjustable height options for placement of wire shelves 4 0 obj General Specifications: Furnish and install ClosetMaid Vinyl-Coated, Steel-Rod, Ventilated Shelving and Storage Systems manufactured by ClosetMaid Corp., Ocala, Florida, in all closets. ClosetMaid wire shelving is proudly Made in the USA. Shop ClosetMaid-US online. endobj <> _&PȨÃ|‡A‹U•Á‰ÙŸ��‹�¡—õ%ƒ »c’ 3k?Ï‘Çz�Ÿ3TÂí`>ÿH310p³Àmae`~auÁc€ ½{A endstream endobj 189 0 obj <>/Metadata 3 0 R/Pages 186 0 R/StructTreeRoot 7 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 190 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Properties<>/Shading<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 191 0 obj <>stream ClosetMaid’s vinyl-coating process on wire shelving ensures . h޼Yënܶ~‚óΟéğN �G����K�H"#���k��o �� ��| �X:t*G�����І�Z��!�s���H����ڋ9Ws��ˎ���w���Tɧi[�0�;��hZ�lb1GZ�`�D8�Zg�\�%f��nf�����dfo,��o�Vez)�6f���I9���s8#�M��s,��X�e l�73$�?�L�~��1���� ��8F>j8F��M,:Ҋe���+c*ie�e&��2��)�%[����*}�@6��:)�J��J;����q�mx�;IY��8�_c�I�2o渜�p��S!\9 �`��a9U�m�l��F��E�h�t@(��g)�f��ɏ��nȂa�7G\"S��HD� 3 0 obj stream %PDF-1.5 per linear ft. (installed per ClosetMaid's specifications) 1164, 1166 or 1180 vertically to the shelf… 2 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The best all-around adjustable wire shelving system for … 977 for shelf and rod shelving. %�?�����aok �a��D��[�p��*�L?X�r�ž�$�)Ë. 1 0 obj ClosetMaid offers multiple sizes and colors of quality wire shelving. Close SpaceCreations Product Temporarily Unavailable. durable encapsulation of steel wire and welds to … [�YHZ��l�!EP�L��Gp��8����>D*X�HC���"� �$��ҧ)�H��m�C����~�ikz�R+�Lx��*�]²��x���.+�����D`���XW�L;������+�8����uI��H#'����|��޶�j�%�V���. Mesh for 12-inch (305 mm) shelving and for 16 or 20 inches (406 or 508 mm) decking. v�. %���� Use side wall bracket #947 or #948; pole clip #952 or #951; and shelf stop #969. Place shelf support brackets No. K. Use lightning pole clip No. ����Z.��4�R�G��6m�]k�c� UVP�8g`�,σ�ˢ��D��'�P{zc�|KО7qY#�J��J \.\ Extended site store for ClosetMaid B2C. YKŠœÉo.¤¥Œ3)%Vb©˜âKÍ4O°4ÌX*-³Ö`é˜3ôí™WDŸ0¡ŒcRq&m±"HŠÆ → *Please Click Here for A Message On Current Ship Times → ... WIRE SHELVING KITS. California Specification 01350 indoor air quality standards for school classroom, private office and single family residence. • All ClosetMaid wire shelving is manufactured in the USA. (¬7vœ8I³nrR×?ä]Ú+dWÚJÚÄîÓŸJ{‘­½8 The company's core business is centered around its well-known brand name of ClosetMaid(R) ventilated wire shelving systems for residential closets but its product offering is rapidly expanding to include storage products for every room in the home, including basement and garage storage. Our sturdy industrial-strength products also make garages safer and clutter free. endobj ClosetMaid is the world-class leader in manufacturing and marketing of innovative home storage products. endobj 978 for linen shelving, clip No.