Here is our list of the best AV receivers from trusted brands. HotWheelzMcGee. I have a Paradigm setup for speakers and like them a lot. They were awful products. Blank for emphasis... Onkyo. I have narrowed my picks to the Denon 3806, the Yamaha V2600 and the Pioneer 74txvi. Denon (same parent company as Marantz) Yamaha. Not sure of the HDMI upconverting will matter much when Directv goes to all digital signal with the … If you looking for a two-channel stereo receiver for a small room has some home theater receiver like features without all the bulk or need for lots of speakers, the Pioneer Elite SX-S30 might be a … My dad had Onkyo (a/v receiver and DVD 5-disc player). In the end, I'd probably pickup the Denon if the price were equal +/- $50 mainly out of personal preference for the brand over the other. However, if you can get the Pioneer for $650, bang for buck, the Pioneer is still probably the better choice. As an added convenience, the SX-30 can also be controlled via Pioneer's downloadable remote app. And I know this is just hearsay, but Pioneer has had some problems with their QC. The Denon AVR-X8500H is the world's first 13.2CH Immersive Surround Receiver. Denon vs Pioneer Receiver. Denon or Pioneer - pick the best receiver for you with our Pioneer vs Denon comparison to buy in 2020. After the launch of their highly successful 11CH AVR-X6400H receiver last year, Denon decided to take it up a notch to support an additional pair of height channels and make it easier to switch between speaker layouts for Dolby Atmos/DTS:X and Auro 3D. Denon's are built like tanks. A comparison chart Sony vs Denon doesn’t show what stands behind figures, so I’ve decided to compare Denon vs Sony in order to track such different ways of the companies to the similar target – world-wide recognition. Archive View Return to standard view. Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: After the other reports of the same quality, no thanks... ever again. And I don't care if they come out with a 16k tv that'll fold up in my pocket and expand to 120" screen. Pioneer. The Denon AVR-S750H has everything that most people need in an AV receiver: plenty of inputs (with six HDMI), support for 7.1 channels with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding (to … Denon vs Sony – different stories but alike leadership. Can anyone help me decide on a new a/v receiver for my system. last updated – posted 2009-Nov-3, 12:13 am AEST posted 2009-Nov-3, 12:13 am AEST User #304781 4283 posts. Between Pioneer and Denon, I would choose Denon every time. As for Denon 2312 vs the Pioneer 1121, tough choice. posted 2009-Nov-2, … That being said, the current conventional wisdom is that Onkyo is the best bang for the buck receiver out there.