He is in the Village of the Condemned. Chestplate of Fallen PassionItem Level 540Disenchants into:Sha Crystal: 1-2Binds when picked upPlateChest137 Armor+60 Intellect+108 Stamina+44 Critical Strike+38 Mastery Prismatic Socket Prismatic Socket Prismatic SocketSocket Bonus: +11 IntellectDurability 165 / 165Requires Level 90Sell Price... Chestplate of Fallen Passion - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft. It is looted from . The last one is the chestplate. Always up to date. —From Codex entry: Armor of the Fallen. In the Underworld, track down and kill four of the Fallen in order to recover four of the five pieces of the Armor of the Fallen set. And that’s it. when you wear the chestplate of the fallen (the new armor from EP2 of the fate of atlantis) there is a slight textue that is popping out near the armpits of the character when they raise their hands u[ (like when climbing, or charging a bow shot etc.) if it's not a bother I hope you can fix the texture problem if possible!. Chestplate of Fallen Passion Item Level 41 Upgrade Level: 0/4 Binds when picked up Chest Plate 36 Armor +8 Strength/Intellect +16 Stamina +9 Critical Strike (1.43% at L35) +7 Mastery Kill him and you’ll get the chestplate. Most of the Fallen died on the Fields of Ghislain in 5:40 Exalted, defending the newly-crowned King Tylus of Nevarra from Orlesian attack. … The Guardian of Fortitude chestplate is a cosmetic override unlockable in the Travelling Artisan (October 2020) event. An item from World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. How to get Chestplate of the Fallen. Chestplate of the Fallen 6:27 - kill Swordfish; Waistband of the Fallen 9:29 - kill Epiktetos; Boots of the Fallen 12:21 - kill Deianeira ; Upon completion, you will also earn the "Death Walker" achievement-----How To PLAY Assassin's Creed Odyssey CHEAPER via Official Partner -----Want more contents for the episode, Torment of Hades? Thank You. Requires Hunter, Mage, or Warlock. In the Armor Tokens category. You can get it from Swordfish, but his location is unlocked via a quest. Chestplate of Fallen Passion - Items - WoWDB ... Armor - Plate The quest Beyond the Veil ends here. You have to do the Death before Dishonor quest and Swordfish’s location will be shown in the map below. They held their line against a mounted chevalier charge, managing to keep Tylus alive long enough to retreat—and are credited with Nevarra's continued independence everywhere outside Nevarra itself.