We got charged an additional $40. I asked if there was room on the flight and was told there was a lot of room. The cheapest ticket to Florida from the United States found in the last 72 hours was $14 one-way, and $25 round-trip. the employees are all rude and have an extremely large attitude. Finally, after another 15 minutes, we're on the way. Then she came back and said it will cost us an additional 7700 euros to seat in the first class yes I do understand her point and told her to forget it. The joke was totally on me!!!! ", Cons: "The Frontier flight was a rip-off. Staff had no clue and charged everyone for food. I was very dissatisfied and likely to never fly this airline again. Will never fly again. I was at the airport super early. ", Pros: "Los asientos amplios" Not flying in jetblue anymore", Cons: "Flight was delayed and terminal staff was rude about making changes", Pros: "That I eventually arrived." The many articles she’s written for USA Today and Working Mother reflect a broad range of interests, including international travel and cultural history. Except for one friendly person at check-in kiosk, bad service overall. They ran out of food choice by the time they got to our seating area which was at half point of the plane! Horribly uncomfortable. I appreciate them. ", Pros: "Nothing" It appears this is typical for Frontier. ", Pros: "No space and have to pay for carryon bags", Pros: "Patience of the crew" There were no chargers at any seat in Coach. ", Cons: "Delayed by an hour and spent most of it taxiing. Cons: "They cancel the flight without saying anything, a call , an email, nothing. Was then able to get a flight home with JetBlue for a similar departure time but had to pay $100 more then the refund amount. This was the first time I used American, so I do not know if this is their standard policy, but this issue and a long list of others will make me think twice before I use them again. ", Cons: "High charge on baggage. These are the times when weather is mild statewide, the crowds are thinner and there are bargains to be had. Keep in mind that both airports serve fewer airlines, most of them operating budget flights. Travelers flying into Florida for Daytona racing events should look for flights to Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB), which will be the closest airport. The landing was the worst and scariest one I've experienced in over 40 yrs of frequent flying. ", Pros: "The crew was great and did their best to make the flight smooth. Then we had to wait some more....... Also they were lax on pre-boarding announcements, not letting families with children on first. Cons: "I am still on the flight writing this review. Then talked to the supervisor and I asked her what if if we upgrade. Cons: "The worse service I had ever had", Pros: "clean and safe is pretty good value." If you’re planning a beach vacation to the Sunshine State, keep in mind when searching for flights to Florida that some airports are closer to the beach than others. Seriously..???. Cons: "It can't be true that they have not even a small blanket for someone who kindly ask and then when the flight is over you see them every where and unopened in first class. ", Pros: "Nothing" Unacceptable. If you want to make your destinations on time- don't risk booking with Spirit. Cons: "The last minute change in gate, which forced us to go through TSA again. We landed in Fort Lauderdale 5 hours later than the scheduled time. Was not impressed about the are of a customer comfort. 2 hours late???? Cons: "Everything else. Cons: "Flight home cancelled due to "weather conditions" and was only offered a refund for half the original ticket price. Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, on the other hand, is smaller and not as crowded, but it has fewer options of airlines that fly there, and it’s a 40m drive to Miami’s city center. MY LUGGAGE WAS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN MY FLIHTG TICKET, I MEAN I HAD TO PAY TWICE FOR CARRYING A PAIR OF PANTS AND A LAPTOP. ", Cons: "The lady at the counter for checking the bags at newark was not rude but not very friendly. You get what you pay for & im never flying Spirit again. I was told my bag would be transferred all the way to bogota. ", Pros: "flight leave on time." Cons: "I booked tickets with this airline for the first time because prices were significantly cheaper than with other airlines. He said the computer will make them charge me and there was no way around it. We got home at 5:00 AM. ", Pros: "The seats were nice. Her name was. Not if you're United. ", Cons: "Charging $45 for carry-on, is way too much, regardless of whether it's a budget airline. ", Pros: "Crew was great. ", Cons: "Airplane is new but chairs are made of plastic and very thin, they don't recline and you have very small space -- very uncomfortable. ", Cons: "Lady at the gate barely paid any attention to the line. Terrible experience! Cons: "Telling the truth", Cons: "Over 2 hours delayed for no notable reason", Pros: "Good plane, seats are OK even though do not recline that much" Fool me once, but NEVER AGAIN. Cons: "We Departed 3 hour late because the pilot was missing. Now, they can't get the weight and logistics of the flight worked out. ", Pros: "The base fares are decent and the crew is friendly." Cons: "Kayak booked me the worst itinerary in the history of air travel! Price estimates were calculated on October 17, 2020. Thank you for bringing me home safe ..", Cons: "1brand new suitcase was completely damaged", Pros: "JetBlue didn’t let us go on standby unless we paid $75pp When boarding people of other groups (than one announced for boarding) were asked to wait back. I bought specific luggage so I would’ve to check it!!! What??? It happened so fast I didn't think to take them out. Travel Tips. Their instructions on rebooking the flight were severely insufficient and led to much frustration. Horrible customer service", Cons: "Delay of flight do to routing maintenance has cost me a overnight in Miami. Cons: "Charge for standby", Cons: "Mechanical problems delayed the flight one hour. At least one of the other attendants turned off the seating lights after a minute or 2. If the goal is getting the biggest bang for the least bucks, plan an off-season vacation, possibly in the late spring or early fall. Stay at an All-suite Hotel with an In-room Kitchen. Search flexible flights. Another passengers were also complaining. Cons: "The screaming child the entire flight", Cons: "The tv did not work and the stewardess was rude she never offered me a drink and when I asked her politely she sort of said too bad. At boarding there were many passengers who didn't know there was a charge for a carryon so that slowed down the boarding for the rest of us. Please remember that many airlines have come and go. Then had to talk to the supervisor and and the tall dark lady told me if I not happy we can get off the plane and get on the next one! After arriving at the airport, you can rent a car or book a shuttle service to travel to one of the entrances of the park. Sometimes a weeknight "red-eye" flight is cheaper than holiday and weekend flights. Cons: "Not much food options available. ", Pros: "Departure and Arrival went smooth. A typical package could include reductions in airfare, hotel rates, rental car rates and more. We were lucky we asked a question to find out the gate had been changed.