Discussion and Conclusion – Why is the case important and what lessons are to be learned? Discussion should compare the program with others in that field and indicate why it is an improvement over existing programs. Reports of Committees and Task Forces This database contains approximately 1,200 evidence-based Canadian clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) developed or endorsed by authoritative medical or health organizations in Canada. Summary tables and figures are appropriate. Authors wishing to submit results of clinical trials to CFP will be required to include the trial registration number and trial registry name at the end of the abstract. Discuss your experience with the technique. When recommendations fit the criteria of the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (A, B, C, etc), these should be included, possibly in a table. Program should be described in sufficient detail for someone else to reproduce it. Up to four keywords (MeSH headings) should be included. The story (or narrative) presents the facts and provides the context. 0000025325 00000 n Describe the objectives of the committee. 0000069498 00000 n Articles chosen for a “critical appraisal” tend to be major, important articles in leading journals that have the potential to change the way a condition is understood, diagnosed, managed and treated by family physicians. 0000073151 00000 n Descriptive articles should be no more than 2000 words, excluding tables and references. How has it changed your practice? Provide a list of materials. �5p7��p$��c(�#��sow����7�C��)�`�^��`+�Z"�����h�C�0��]�k�&]��i}%j�O����%��M�< 0000135551 00000 n 0000133040 00000 n Names of committee members who did not write the manuscript should be listed separately. Why are we doing so little clinical research? Select only those articles strictly relevant to the case reported and its discussion. 0000009842 00000 n Commentaries are meant to be thoughtful, provocative, opinion pieces that present fresh thinking in family medicine. Up to four key words (MeSH headings) should be included. Method should describe how the clinical discovery was made or examined. 0000069067 00000 n Up to 4 key words (MeSH headings) should be included. 0000024519 00000 n Data Sources should describe search strategies used to identify relevant articles. This might include brief overviews or illustrative examples of research methods and issues. 0000016346 00000 n Program Descriptions Outline the approach and point out its advantages and disadvantages. Explain how committee members were selected. Explicit methods for including or excluding articles in the analysis should be described. 0000013179 00000 n Up to four keywords (MeSH headings) should be included. 0000039693 00000 n Vol 61:october • octobre 2015 | Canadian Family Physician • Le Médecin de famille canadien 857 Simplified lipid guidelines Prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in primary care G. Michael Allan MD CCFP Adrienne J. Lindblad ACPR PharmD Ann Comeau MN NP CCN(C) John Coppola MD CCFP Brianne Hudson MD CCFP Marco Mannarino MD CCFP Cindy McMinis Raj Padwal MD MSc 0000007122 00000 n Confidence intervals should be used whenever possible. Comment on the quality of the denominator and numerator from your results. 0000044458 00000 n Results begin with the response rate. 0000060029 00000 n Speculation must be reasonable. While many qualitative studies do not begin with a theoretical model as a framework, when such a model is used, it should be described. Web Exclusive publication allows us to publish more research and in a more timely manner. 0000127441 00000 n The April 2019 issue of Canadian Family Physician was accompanied by the second of 2 special supplemental issues of the journal. 0000023569 00000 n The question should be clearly stated (as the objective), describing population, maneuver, and outcome where applicable. 0000126935 00000 n 0000128742 00000 n The full text of on-line articles also appears in PubMed Central and is fully indexed and searchable. Maximum number of words is 1200 words, including tables and/or charts. 0000129996 00000 n 0000131204 00000 n H�\�͎�@��. These special issues are full of practical content that complements the 2018 Canadian consensus guidelines for the primary care of adults with intellectual and developmental … Statistical analysis should be appropriate to the study design and sample size. It must be thought-provoking and well-written. Results section should not include commentary. What is new or important about this study should be stated clearly. CFP may occasionally consider publishing exceptional Program Descriptions. 0000134679 00000 n Can Fam Physician 2001;47:1944-6 (Eng), 1952-5 (Fr). Submitted texts must include a story, an argumentation, a discussion, and a practical conclusion. 0000007909 00000 n 0000134136 00000 n Conclusion should summarize the main findings of the study, relate back to the study objective, and be supported by the data found in the study.