It’s capable of producing excellent attenuation of off-axis. With a lower self-noise than other mics on review here, it gives you good crispness & clarity of sound for the price. I would like to stick with a microphone that doesn't require a mixer or preamp, so either with a USB connection (i.e. Getting a shotgun mic that could sit on top of my monitor or similar to get a more focused forward response while filtering the other environmental noises. If you don't have a mic boom and operator, LAV is the way to go if it is an option. What is the difference between a shotgun mic and boom microphone? Frequently asked questions about shotgun microphones & boom mics for video and film. So, if you're not a professional sound guy or this mic conundrum is just making your head hurt too much, Greg of LensProToGo will help you to sort things out by exploring the main pros and cons of wireless lavaliers and boom shotgun mics, thus making the mic setup choice and placement much easier and straightforward. Selecting a Microphone Stand. A shotgun mic can produce better overall quality, but either has to be used in a fairly quiet environment or operated by a technician who can keep it properly angled with a proper suspension mount to avoid movement noise. A boom microphone is made up of two components: a boom pole and a unidirectional shotgun mic that captures sound from the direction you point it. RØDE Podcaster) or something like XLR to mini-jack (I don't know any good options here). Microphone clips screw on to the end of boom arms and hold the mics in place. I made a project a while back that was aimed to show me the big difference between having a boom microphone(a mic aimed closer and towards your diaphragm) and a shotgun mic … But its size also allows it to be used as a standard boom mic. You can effectively capture dialogue, ambient sound, and Foley for post-production mixing. Stands are available in a variety of options, some being better suited than other for specific applications. Sennheiser MKE 600 is often marketed as a shotgun mic to mount on your camera. These terms are often used interchangeably but technically speaking boom refers to a boom pole. Boom mics are perfect for narrative film, controlled environments, and distraction-free videos. Most boom mic stands don't come with clips, so it's a good idea to get them separately.