BlueTech Forum is the leading water technology conference that brings together water industry experts, end users, investors, and most innovative tech companies. Commitments Announced at Our Ocean 2019 Conference. Latest news. 9 November 2020. October 24, 2019. Save the date for 2020 Development and Climate Days. He thanked the Government of Norway for … We have chosen Tunis as a city to host ABEF 2019 because of its location and history, acting as an important centre for maritime trade and an economic powerhouse at the crossroads between Europe and Africa. It can support food security, and diversification to address new resources for energy, new drugs valuable chemicals, protein food, deep sea minerals, security etc. The meeting will focus on the theme, 'The blue economy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development'. The theme focuses on science that will contribute to safeguarding the health of our oceans and marine life while also sustaining the economic and societal benefits that accompany a growing nation. In his remarks, Under Secretary Krach noted that the key elements to achieving a sustainable blue economy include sound science, innovative management, effective enforcement, cross-sectoral collaboration, meaningful partnerships, and robust public participation. 26 October 2020. Join the discussion and register today! Blue economy, through sustainable use of oceans, has great potential for boosting the economic growth by providing opportunities for income generation and jobs etc. The Sustainable Blue Economy Conference is the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy. BlueTech Forum 2019 will take place in Kew Gardens, on June 5-6. The great success of the first edition of ABEF is a powerful testimony to the growing importance of the blue economy in Africa and beyond. Raising ambition in locally led action for 2021: calling for business unusual. The theme of AMSA 2019 is “Marine Science for a Blue Economy”. 25-26 February 2019 Central Hall, London SW1H 9NH. Evaluations as a tool to enhance policymaking: from COVID-19 to the climate crisis . 16 November 2020. Towards an inclusive blue economy. The Government of Kenya is partnering with the Government of Canada to co-host the event, with the Government of Portugal as a partner. Affairs, Kenya, at the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference in Nairobi (Photo by IISD/ENB | Diego Noguera) 3 The Nairobi Statement of Intent on Advancing the Global Sustainable Blue Economy The conference convened at a time when the world population is at about 7.6 billion and growing to 9.8 billion by 2050. Event.