The nights have been pretty warm, so we’ve mostly had our sleeping bags in “high ventilation” mode, and Jennifer hasn’t been able to see if this new sleeping bag would really keep her warm in freezing temperatures. Whether you’re traveling from Natchez to Nashville or just a shorter portion of the Trace, there are plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful photos and caption where you are and what you’re doing. Some of them merited a longer look or a bit of walking around; at some we just paused long enough to read the sign; at others we stopped and had a picnic lunch (you need several lunches per day when you’re cycling!). : N, Does your Monday look like this? We brought it on this cycling trip so that we could protect our food from squirrels, deer, and other critters while camping. Oh and by the way… we did get a little five mile ride in on that rainy Saturday. So, we found that it was best to stock up for a few days when we got to a larger town with a good store, rather than our usual practice of relying on getting food pretty much every day. It uses a butane/propane fuel cartridge, which means you can take the stove on an airplane (without the fuel! Bike Rental: road bikes $195, e-bikes $375. When it comes to cycling, the Natchez Trace Parkway is your ticket to ride. In the spring, cyclists can enjoy the blooming dogwoods and redbud trees. See more cycling the Natchez Trace photos - click here. All bicyclists agree, pedaling out to cycle the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway offers an easy-going, easy-to-love experience. Price: $2995 Single room supplement is $525. Many cyclists also choose to ride the parkway to feel its connection to history. Jennifer upgraded her rear-view mirrors. We had a few options for routes between Natchez and Baton Rouge. , #repost @lunaticatlarge It’s interesting to imagine the Kaintucks traveling the Trace thousands of years ago, and having the opportunity today to literally walk in their footsteps. On other trips we’ve taken, we’ve passed through plenty of small towns, and most of them have at least a … ・・・ We weren’t sure for a while whether or not Southwest Airlines was going to accept our bikes as luggage, even though we had called them to clarify their baggage rules, but eventually they decided to, and we were quite relieved to see the bikes get unloaded from the plane in our intermediate Denver stop, and arrive undamaged in Nashville. If you’re reading this… it worked. Part of the reason she suggested it was because it goes through Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, which would get her down to missing just Alaska in her quest to visit all 50 states. (See the. Because the parkway ride is uninterrupted by traffic lights and it has no turns to map, cyclists can focus on relaxation and the pure joy of riding. The Natchez Trace is a great shoulder season bike tour– for many it’s too hot in the summer and, despite being in the South, too cold in the winter. Before you hop on your bike, it’s important to decide when and what you want to … The past few years, Zach and Jennifer have taken a bike trip in the fall, and this year, Jennifer suggested that we bicycle the Natchez Trace Parkway. Travel Logistics: Before you hop on your bike, it’s important to decide when and what you want to experience along the Natchez Trace. cycling the natchez trace, april, 2010 This year's epic cycling adventure featured 442 miles of the Natchez Trace Scenic Byway from Natchez, Mississippi to near Nashville, Tennessee. But Zach readily agreed, after finding out that it’s a 444 mile-long scenic and historic National Park, which is promoted as being great for cycling. We also met quite a few other cyclists, including a northbound group of 4 people with a car (sharing the driving) who gave us some cold drinks at one spot, a group of 6 people from (of all things) Coeur d’Alene (just 30 miles from where we live! This area seems to have mosquito swarms around sunset, so it’s good to be able to get in the tent then! So, we set out on October 5th, on a very early morning flight. This is a kevlar bag for food storage, supposedly strong enough to withstand grizzly bears. #Vi. This historic, 444-mile scenic parkway links Natchez with Nashville & crosses some of the most beautiful terrain in Mississippi, Alabama & Tennessee. Check out these top 3 tips for biking the Natchez Trace Parkway. 107 Aurum St, Box 855, Ophir, CO 81426 970.728.5891 500 km is located in Mississippi, about 50km through Alabama and the rest in Tennessee. Finally, you want to plan where to stay and eat. Bicycling the Trace is truly an incredible experience. Note: Click on any photo to get a larger version. Tomorrow’s milage is about 70 miles not counting going off the trace for lunch. Come autumn, the gorgeous fall foliage is a must-see on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Follow in ancient footsteps as you travel by bicycle along the Natchez Trace Parkway from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN with Lizard Head Cycling Guides. Be sure to download our Visitors Guide HERE to help with planning your trip. Top 10 Reasons to Bicycle the Natchez Trace Parkway National Park Service designates the entire parkway as a bike route. These two seasons are popular for cyclists because they’re peak times for stunning scenic views and perfect weather temps. The roads are in fabulous condition and only the northern end has any hills to speak of. Hover over, tap, or highlight a section of the elevation profile to see where it is on the map. Written directions and a map … For an optimal and safe cycling experience, be sure to review the Safety Guidelines from the National Park Service. As long as you’re fairly flexible on what you are willing to eat, you won’t starve. Figuring out where to spend the night is also somewhat of a logistical challenge, assuming that there’s a limit to how far you want to ride in a day. The next morning, we rode about 15 miles to the northern end of the Natchez Trace, a mostly pleasant ride passing by a lake and quite a few large rural estates. #repost @lunaticatlarge In 2006 it was named by ESPN as one of the country’s top ten road biking destinations! One of the biggest challenges of cycling the Natchez Trace turns out to be getting food and other supplies. #MyTupelo, Ridgeland was one of many cities we visited on our, 444 miles. Yesterday, we dr, Looking for a pumpkin adventure right off the Trac, Why You Should Bike the Natchez Trace Parkway. Click here. Our hosts Joe and Sue gave us the “nickel” tour of Nashville (worth every penny! The Natchez Trace Parkway bicycle route spans 444 miles between Natchez, Mississippi and Nashville, Tennessee. But we did survive. #TheNatchezTrace This is the third cycling trip for Jennifer, and the second for Zach, using their maps — and they’ve always been very good. ・・・ We got an “Ursack” this summer. Biking the Natchez Trace is a cyclist’s dream come true. What's your favorite spot to stop along the Trace? Elevation profile and maps are approximate. One of the many reasons visitors love the historic Natchez Trace Parkway is the fact that it’s a bicycle-friendly route. We had such a wa, Beautiful things don’t ask for attention. After looking into several options for how to get to and from the Trace, we decided to fly to Nashville with our bikes, ride from there to the north end of the Trace, cycle the entire Trace, and then ride from the southern end on to New Orleans and fly home from there. #FallFoli, Got our feet on the ground and our head in the clo, When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, t, Fall is in the air in @mytupelo! After all that camping, it was time for a break, so as I write this, we’re at a motel in Kosciusko, Mississippi. At home, she uses the tablet as an e-book reader, having finally given up (mostly) reading paper-based books, but this is the first trip she’s tried using the tablet for blogging on (which was part of the reason she bought a tablet instead of a Kindle, like Zach has). Before hopping your on bike, keep these 3 simple tips in mind for an excellent cycling experience on this 444-mile scenic byway. The distances are modest and although there are a few days where the mileage may seem overwhelming, the support van is always there to provide a lift. We both got new bicycle helmets this summer.