Gil will even ask you to kill him because of the remorse he feels for brainwashing and experimenting on these young girls. I'm pretty sure the first time I played the game I killed him because, like I said, I thought it was the kinder thing to do. It's the epitome of a grey area. 11 comments. BioShock 2 treats sparing Gil as the “good” act, even though he is responsible for turning little girls into Little Sisters and linking them to Big Daddies. Close. Past-Alexander wants to die. Posted by. BioShock 2 help with Gil? I don't remember the exact requirements for them. 4 years ago. Answer Save. However, Gil is a little bit different. You can, it's just that Lamb won't get saved. "Alex the Great", on the other hand, wants to live and begs you to show mercy. Killing Gil is a mercy kill. ... That can't be correct. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that "killing him = good, letting him live = bad" was the intended outcome by the developers, but was unintentionally switched around. 8 comments . Gilbert Alexander is effectively dead, his mind and body twisted into something unrecognizable. 4 Answers. After receiving the key allowing you to open the secret passage to Persephone, you have to wait for a moment by the control panel. ... good ending- rescue all little sisters, but kill ALL three choices. I agree, though it could be argued that it does add more dimension to the characters in comparison to the both evil and good endings. Anyone know which is good? To get the alternate good ending where Sophia dies, you need to kill all NPCs. Eleanor will sound and look far more evil if you harvest every sister and kill for every choice. BioShock 2’s video game logic dictates that killing Gil is essentially the wrong thing to do because Eleanor will learn from your acts of vengeance in the end. 5 days ago. Throughout the whole of Fontaine Futuristics you have Gil telling you not to listen to Alexander the Great, that he's gone mad and needs to be put down. Yeah it can be a bit misleading since the former Gil from the past who is guiding you via audio log is pleading that you kill him. I saved every little sister and every NPC, but whenever it came to Gil I always felt so bad that I had to kill him. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Why did the girl in bioshock 2 kill her dad in the good ending? 6. Answered. Home » Guides » BioShock 2: Should You Kill or Spare Gil? You have Alexander the Great trying to stop you and kill you with houdini splicers and other Deltas the whole time so it's pretty clear that you should be listening to Gil rather than Alexander. Here are some tips on what to do when deciding Gil’s fate. This subreddit is dedicated to the BioShock game series. Present-Alexander wants to live. 2 years ago. Bioshock 2 Endings Guide. If you want to see the “worst” bad end in BioShock 2, you’ll need to kill Gil. So I spared him as well and got the good ending where even Sophia is saved and I live on within the big sister. Do you listen to the intelligent and aware man who wishes not to live if he isn't entirely himself? And that was before I knew of all the ending possibilities and metagaming to get the ending I wanted - I was just playing the game and making choices I thought were right. The alternative good ending is to spare all little sisters and kill all NPCs, including Gil, which ends in the little sisters being saved and Sofia being killed by Eleanor. You can kill Gil Alexander and still get the good ending, as it's the "right" not "wrong" decision, it actually helps against other bad deeds. On the flip side of the situation above is the option to electrify Gil’s containment tank and kill him. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I really hate Sofia Lamb, and really want to kill her at the end of the Game. Depending on how many Little Sisters you save/harvest and how many people you spare/kill, Eleanor will have a different final monologue, and Sofia Lamb can live or die.