Tips to enjoy the sea's benefits Protect yourself. I spoke to Jenny Landreth, author of Swell: Waterography, The Sunday Times' Sport Book Of The Year 2017 who was keen to share the positive benefits of cold water swimming. "Firstly, if you swim … Don't forget that sea usually means sun, and both sun and sea bathing have been linked to improvements for the skin. Even just after my first swim, I reaped the benefits, I got a major after swim high, my skin felt tighter, my body felt brand new and I went home and felt motivated to tackle my to-do list. Relaxation. Not only is it fun and a great workout, but it can also improve your mood and health. Swimming in seawater benefits you in countless ways. The practice of thalassotherapy or seawater therapy is advised to increase blood circulation. Here’s a short video I made yesterday of my first swim of 2017. Cold water causes our lymph vessels to contract, forcing our lymphatic system to pump lymph fluids throughout our body, flushing the waste out of the area. Here are some other benefits of a sea swim you may not have heard of: Here is a summary of the health benefits of swimming in the sea: Swimming in cold sea water strengthens the immune system. Another sea water benefits include that it can help in bettering the poor circulation. Salt water reduces inflammation of muscles and joints within your body. The philosopher Hippocrates was the first person to describe the healing effects of seawater through the term “thalassotherapy.” Ancient Greeks might have discovered the benefits of Swimming is an exercise that helps facilitate the circulation of blood in one’s body. Swimming in seawater has lots of benefits for your mind and body, from stress relief to overall health, so make your way to the beach and swim your little hearts out this summer, my dears! However, swimming in the sea might also help mental health via other mechanisms. Benefits of swimming in seawater. When we are swimming, our breathing patterns change and this may lead to a more relaxed state. Towards the end of this article I’m going to be sharing lots of individual health benefits for spending time near the sea, so either keep reading or skip to the end.