At least this is preferable to the Bed of Bullshit, Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf. You will spend more time fighting the camera view than the wyvern itself. Equip Morian Blade, have your rings decked for lightning miracles, and release fire. Honestly, I'd just rather fight him head on. The plunging attack gimmick is ancient indeed, The little dragon *****s have killed me more than the the actual boss, This boss is so god damn aggravating, especially for no death runs, to the point where the game should just roll a dice and either instantly kill your when you walk through the fog wall or instantly kill the boss. Can you still one-hit it with jumping attack like the boss wyvern ? ", Plunges at the wyverns head..... and misses. Buffed ourselves with the rose (taking damage) until we got to 1HP (tears of denial to stay alive), then we recast tears. Neither of us took a hit, and the boss was down in less than ten seconds. A loooooong time. This is caused by a detection glitch. Just a plunge attack right? A miniboss variant with lesser defenses blocks the path leading to the Great Belfry. Find guides to this achievement here. The fight is comparable to fighting the Red Drake in Dark Souls. This boss is located on Archdragon Peak, and is an optional boss. I watched the video here and he did the plunging attack the same way I did but his just connects when mine didn't wtf? The Ancient Wyvern will appear and prepare to breathe fire at you. Yeah...i made it about halfway through the run to the plunging attack spot and he glitches into the floor and dies. Turn left, now you will see short bridge with an enemy in front of you. Still counts! This dragon is powerful but lacks the defence of its boss counterpart, Ancient Wyvern.You can kill it using normal means. 6- fought through but AGAIN the plunge missed??? And my dumb as was like "where tf is this plunging attack?? This strategy is super easy but it doesn't include the satisfaction of beating a Wyvern with a bow. If you’ve been sprinting forward, you should be able to reach his head before the fire breath actually starts. 1 Soul of the Ancient Wyvern. Boss improved over vanilla version, it can be killed by fightning normally and it's stomp AoE radius was reduced. Can be respawned with Enemy Revival. Ancient Wyvern is an enemy in Dark Souls 3.. Enemy Description. There will be a path. Bug: If the wyvern tries lands on the lone tower, there is a small chance that it will fall to its death. 2. After starting a fight immediately run into the bell's direction. easiest yet hardest boss ever... dont care about the dragon, F*ck the enemies, Bruh, it wasnt the boss one, it was the second one that appears later, but anyway, somehow I had glitched the dragon and he wasnt leaving the cliff he was hanging on, so I pulled out the dragonslayer great bow and started head shoting it, he didnt do anything, UNTIL he reached 1/5, came down used flamebreath, roasted me, then I tried to fight him head on as normal, and the dude just uses the horizontal flame breath and pushes me off the map and I die, sometimes I wanna choke Miyazaki, Alternatively you could just stand in front of the dragon and bait him to breath fire on you. ), NG+9 (??). When he is done breathing fire, he will lower his head. Drops 6 Titanite Chunks, 3 Titanite Scales and 3 Twinkling Titanite. The Ancient Wyvern is one of the few optional Bosses in Dark Souls 3. Hurl Lightning Spears or any damage spell in general, or melee attack its legs whenever possible, rinse and repeat. Just jump and press R1/RB and victory will be yours. Ancient Wyvern achievement in DS3: Defeat Ancient Wyvern - worth 15 Gamerscore. Any connected plunging attack to the head will instantly kill him, no matter what weapon was used or what amount of hp left. Just when you thought fromsoft was done with throwaway OHK gimmick bosses. If positioned correctly, the boss will only attack with blockable foot-stomps and occasionally fly overhead for a fire breath below. Harder than boss one Has better loot than boss one. Breathes fire in your direction, causing fire damage, knockdown and stamina drain if blocking. Ancient Wyvern is an enemy in Dark Souls 3. When you enter the boss area, run straight and you can see a bell. Just finished it off in NG++, it granted 79,200 souls. If they want to make the plunging attack gimmick from dark souls 1 again, at least make it so there isn't a 50/50 chance the plunge attack doesn't even register, you phase through the bosses entire head and die. 1 Primordial Fragment (10% drop rate). Instead, victorious players are teleported to the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum bonfire. I forgot to check when I did it in NG+, but as the souls gained are normally exactly twice the amount of NG, it's safe to say the souls gained in NG+ are 72,000. Ancient Wyvern is a boss enemy in Dark Souls 3.; This boss is optional; There are no NPC summons for this boss fight; There is also a non-boss variant, just before a group of Rock Lizards before reaching the large bell. Extremely vulnerable to plunging attack. Can be cheesed with a bow from nearby room with. This one drops 6 Titanite Chunks, 3 Titanite Scales and 3 Twinkling Titanites upon death. Poison mist works on it, although toxic does not. The snake men are way more annoying than the wyvern. There are no NPC summons for this boss fight, There is also a non-boss variant, just before a group of, Souls: NG (70000), NG+ (140,000), NG++ (154000), NG+3 (?? As I am not exactly sure how to add tables in the default web editor (I'm only experienced with source editor), I'm just leaving this information here. this appears to be the only boss whose arena does not have a corresponding bonfire. worst boss in the entire gamethe plunge is unreliable as hell as sometimes it just flat out doesn't register, and god forbid you try fighting him normally since you'll just get murked by hitboxes larger than the observable ****ing universe, worst boss in the entire game the plunge is unreliable as hell as sometimes it just flat out doesn't register, and god forbid you try fighting him normally since you'll just get murked by hitboxes larger than the observable ****ing universe, I took a long time to figure it out. Who else killed this dragon in gwyn s way (sunlight spear to the face)? Ancient Wyvern Information. Huge hitbox. If memory serves correctly it was 36,000 in NG. 3- tried to face it head on, died. Moveset Strategies. Stand directly under the Wyvern so that you are targeted and facing the dragon's stomach. Vordt's hammer + torch to reset frostbite makes for a fun time taking down the boss. 7- faced it again but this time stayed under its feet occasionally getting hits to its head/neck with the vordt great hammer, finally beat it. Always run away from where you were facing the boss, and not towards, and the fire shouldn't hit you. ), NG+6 (?? Notes. Apparently, there's a 'blind spot' and Wyvern will constantly attack the door door ignoring the player. Kills enemies as well. The weapon doesn't really matter as long as it deals good damage. 2- fought through again only for the plunging attack to miss again. A solid strategy a friend and I pulled off was Rose of Ariandel, Morian Blade, Sunlight Spear. When it starts to do it you can run to the side of his head and go to town :P I just did it with the dragonslayer greataxe =P. ; Combat Information Item transcripts that relate to this boss. I thought this would be easy. In the giant courtyard after the first bonfire, being the first bossof this area. Weaknesses. You'll need light fire resistance equipment but make sure you are still able to roll. Hits to the torso/tail deals normal damage. This strategy take a lot of time, so it isn't recommended until you've been struggling for long and became desperate. Ancient Wyvern is a Boss in Dark Souls 3 . Instead of entering the door stick to right barrier and stand in the corner, the one closer to arena. Two are found in Archdragon Peak: 1. 1- fought my way through only for my plunging attack to miss and fall to my death. Swipes tail, hitting you if you are behind it. Information here is accurate for version 1.90. This strategy uses a jumping/plunging attack, but quicker than Strategy 1. 5- fought through but the chain axe guy killed me with a single grab attack even though I had 80% health.