This is a collection of resources regarding structural racism and trauma. Copyright © 2020, ACEsConnection. The titles below and the PDFs in Attachments are in alphabetical order. This is a collection of resources regarding screening for ACEs. The handout also covers five important findings from the ACEs study. The ACEs in these three realms - household, community, and environment - intertwine throughout people’s lives, and affect the viability of families, communities, organizations, and systems. News and information on ACEs and how to connect to networks of ACE resources. We welcome suggestions; if you have any, please comment below! The resources are organized alphabetically within ACEs Science categories. One is brand new and the other is a revision. This is just the start of this list of research resources. Find all of our ACEs Connection geographic communities, locations of ACE surveys, ACEs and trauma-informed legislation, and more. Please contact @Cissy White (ACEs Connection Staff) if there are questions regarding these parent handouts. If you know of any other handouts you think should be added to the list, please leave the information in the comments section. This “community of practice” focuses on trauma-informed, resilience-building practices to prevent ACEs. In the ACEs Connection Network Resources Center, you'll find lists of basic resources such as ACE surveys (original and expanded), resilience surveys, and ACEs science presentations you can download. If you have suggestions for other resources, add them to the comments section of the resource. We think that it's a skeleton of its future self, i.e., we'll be adding more categories and more information to each category. ACEs connection developed two flyers that can be printed and given to parents on how to prevent and heal ACEs (English & Spanish versions). ACEs Toolkit: Strengthening our Native Communities: How Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences Can Help , 2019 Description: " Native communities face many challenges. In this ACEs Connection webinar, co-sponsored with the California Campaign to Counter Childhood Adversity three early adopters Drs. It incorporates methods that were developed by Sarah Fisher at Tilley Farm such as ACE Free Work, Sarah’s passion for detailed observations and building calm foundations on which further learning can be established. The following glossaries are intended to help you understand and use clear and consistent language around ACEs Science. To learn more, check out these resources: Links. If you know of any other reports you think should be added to the list, please leave the information in the comments section. Learn about several research studies demonstrating that focusing your attention on targeted muscles during a … You must be signed in to continue. Website Credits, For the latest information regarding COVID-19 please visit, Provider Types Eligible for Medi-Cal Payment, ACEs Provider Attestation Data Request Form, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Center on the Developing Child – Harvard University, National Pediatric Practice Community on ACEs, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, ACEs Connection – Integrating ACEs Science in Pediatrics: Early Adopters Share Lessons from the Field [webinar], ACEs Connection – Parenting to Prevent and Heal ACEs Handout (English & Spanish) (To Print). Thanks, Maria! We activate meaningful conversations that inspire action. Animal Centred Education (ACE) is an integrated approach to animal wellbeing and education. PowerPoint presentations and presentation PDFs are housed in this blog and further organized by ACEs Science, Epigenetics, Neurobiology & Biomedical Effects, Resilience, and Resource Collections.