This Hi-Tech Backing Plate … 5 Inch DA Polisher Backing Plate. Trust 3M's expertise to bring you an excellent backing plate … Round Hook and Loop Backing Pad is a replacement pad for the Makita BO5030/K, BO5031K and BO5041K orbital sanders. Quick and easy sanding disc changes with hook and loop attachment … Including Porter Cable, Meguiars, Griots FLEXIBLE URETHANE BACKING is lightweight and flexible and improves operation smoothness. This pad has eight vacuum holes and is 5 … With Universal Thread 5/16"-24. You *could* use 5 … This one has hook and loop (Velcro) and is not adhesive backed. Designed for Dual Action Polishers . It features a foam body attached to a hard plastic backing plate. The backing plate is lightweight, shock resistant, and well-balanced to give you a flawless finish. Tolerates speeds up to 12000 RPM To be use with 6.5 inch or 5.5 inch … The 5 in. The 5" size is correct but according to the description of Model 7345, it uses ADHESIVE backed pad and no dust holes. Use the 3M Hook-It 5 Inch Dual Action Backing Plate with 6 inch pads for optimum performance. It also has a sturdy hook and loop style bottom for use with hook and loop sandpaper. It also has holes for those sanders where you can attach a vacuum hose. 5" flexible sanding backing plate, ideal for all brands of dual action polishing machines, random orbital with 5/16" thread. Allows quick and easy pad changes with Hook & Loop fasteners Industrial grade hooks and loops hold pads securely during polisher operation The backing plate fits any dual action polisher that accepts a 5/16” thread.