Milled 1x Kiln Dried Pecky Cypress material sizes 1x4 through 1x12, Lengths 6'-16' in Smooth 4 Sides (S4S) planks, T&G *Used for ceilings, wall paneling, Custom Pecky Cypress Trim ,Milled S4S Pecky Cypress … Lead time on Cypress decking is typically 1-2 business days for most sizes and profiles up to 16' long. x 12 ft. Whitewood Board 458554 We carry many different types of lumber. Cypress Project Photos Cypress Wood … PHONE: (512) 278-9998 / FAX: (866) 282-1837 / AUSTIN, TEXAS Visit The Home Depot to buy 1 in. We specialize in Cypress. Longer lengths have a lead time of 7-10 business days. ** Hardwood lengths range from. We carry anything from 1x4 to 1x12 in cypress. We are family owned. Pecky Cypress Pecky Cypress is available in 1x material (New Growth) Pecky Cypress KD, Rough Sawn widths 4" to 12" Random Lengths (RL) 6'-16'. x 12 in. We also carry Rough lumber wider than 12" wide are subject to 30% premium markup. 10x10 and 12x12 beam profiles have a lead time of 2-3 weeks. Franks Sawmill has been in business for over 11 years. 8'-12' foot long **